Training Update

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HeartHello – I’m guilty of being a rotten blogger again! I have been very busy training and doing ‘life’ but I’ll do my best to give you a quick recap on bits of what’s been going on and a longer recap on the more interesting bits (you might need to put the kettle on as you know how I like to waffle!)

Firstly my lovely Mum had a heart attack. She is back at home now, with a freshly fitted stent and doing really really well but it was all a bit of a horrid scare and actually quite surreal, she did it all in a very non-dramatic fashion, got fixed with no dramatics and came home! She does have to go back in 6 weeks and may need more angioplasty but believe it or not, having someone stick life saving metal tubes into your heart is a pretty standard procedure these days! I’m going to ask her to do a guest blog about it all, especially how her heart attack presented as I think most people will be quite surprised……

Sunday ‘commitment’ post

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Hi all,

I can’t believe that it’s Sunday evening already!

Thanks for the support on resurrecting the blog. I’d forgotten how much I like both thinking about what to write and actually doing it so it’s good to hear that people like reading it too.

It’s been a busy old weekend, I was still letting my legs recover from last weekend so training wasn’t high on my list of priorities but it does start in earnest tomorrow!

Ouch, a magical mystery tour and more ouch………

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It’s a tale of three halves this evening (maths never was my strong point!)

Last Thursday I had toothache 🙁 Well actually I had it on Wednesday too but I was doing that “if I don’t acknowledge it to myself it might go away” thing. Luckily I already had an appointment booked for a checkup for Friday but Thursday was a very very long day as it was really sore. I hate the way that toothache really invades everywhere in your face! I was quite worried that the dentist would say it needed root canal work as it’s a previously filled tooth. Luckily he didn’t say that but he did say something else that shocked me. He asked me if I was still running as apparently “you don’t look as slim as last time I saw you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cheek!!!! The nurse and I just looked at each other in disbelief whilst I uttered a ‘how ruuuuuuuuude’. Anyway, he filled my tooth but said he didn’t know if it would work as the tooth is a bit loose. It’s still sore today (3 days later) so I’m a bit worried that it should have settled down by now. I’m back to the head in the sand approach so we’ll see what happens! As a result of the tooth issues I didn’t do my planned run on Friday lunchtime and  I couldn’t do it later as we went out to celebrate my friend Paula’s 100 mile run We had a fantastic night in the Black Swan in Swanage. I’ve never been there before but will definitely be back as the food was incredible. 

A Swim, A Moan, A Run…….

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…..and something a bit exciting too!

On Tuesday…

…as normal, I was working out of our Farnborough Office. I had an absolute nightmare of a journey up there. It seems practically my whole route through Dorset has major roadworks, plus there was a breakdown in the New Forest so that meant an hour long queue across there. Not a good start to the day!

However the day improved at lunchtime. I went for a swim in the pool that is next to our offices. I’d never been in there before but was quite pleasantly surprised. Between 12 and 2 the pool is exclusively for lane swimming so there was no child dodging to be done! I haven’t swum for a couple of months and I’m not particularly fast so I went into the ‘slow’ lane. This did mean that I had to do a fair bit of overtaking but the guys in the ‘medium’ lane were definitely going faster than me. I wasn’t trying to be particularly fast, I wanted to use it as both cross training and as a bit of a stretch out. I managed to do 800m in my allotted half hour which I was pretty pleased with. I’ll try and improve that by 50m next week and again soon after until I am doing a km.

The moan

I am not really justified in this moan but I’m going to anyway. In December I relaxed my eating a little and didn’t get a chance to use my bike except for short rides with the children. Over Christmas week I didn’t really worry too much about what I ate and I must admit that I did hit the chocolates quite hard a couple of times, I also only ran twice rather than the four times I’d normally have run. I could feel that my jeans were a bit more snug so I knew I’d gained a bit of weight but I wasn’t prepared for it to be 11 whole pounds! How is that even possible? It’s thrown my plans for what my marathon weight should be completely. I just hope that some of it is just christmas ‘bloat’ and will come off fairly quickly. I’m being very religious about sticking to my 1100 cals and trying to keep my carbs to a reasonable level instead of using my training as an excuse to nosh pasta and bread at every opportunity! My exercise is back to its proper levels too so that should help.

Wednesday Club Run

I advertised tonight’s planned run as 5 not toooooo hilly miles. I had quite a fast bunch tonight so I had to be careful to look after my achilles. They’ve been really tight and sore since Monday’s lunchtime run and I’m a bit concerned that the new shoes have caused it. I swapped back to the old ones tonight to see how I got on. The run went well and there were just a couple of places where it felt steep so I was quite surprised by how impressive the elevations looked on the chart!  We completed the 5 miles in 50 minutes including a few regrouping stops. My friend Belinda was trialling her shiny new Garmin 405C which her hubby bought her for her birthday at an absolutely bargain price from Amazon. I wonder if she managed to collect the data okay as technology isn’t quite her thing! My achilles felt fine on the run and still feels okay now but I’ll be sure to get the foam roller out before I go to bed. At this rate I’ll have amazing triceps as the foam rollering gives them a great workout!

Planks and Clams!

We’ve got a bit of plank challenge going on our Purbeck Runners forum. We are trying to do a plank a day to ensure a nice strong core for all our running. It’s great because someone always bumps the thread up and it definitely reminds you to get planking. Plus, because I’m doing the plank I then actually remember to do my clams and my one legged dips too.

The exciting thing……

Have a little look at Runners World, page 87….you might see someone you recognise!

Finally, I want to leave you with a picture that might amuse you. It certainly amused me! I’ll be saving this one for future reference….



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I can’t believe that only four days ago I was swimming in the sea and that this time last week I rode to work in short trousers and a short sleeved t-shirt.

On Monday….

 I wore a long sleeved t-shirt but this morning I wore long leggings, long sleeved t-shirt, fleece, ear warmers and gloves! It’s always a bit difficult to judge how cold it is when you live here. We are so close to the sea and in our own little microclimate that it is often 5 or 6 degrees warmer here than in the ‘real’ world over the hill!

This morning I nearly left the house with just the long sleeved t-shirt but then decided I could always leave the fleece in the car.  I was VERY glad I’d brought it when I got over the hill and there was lots of very pretty, but very cold looking frost!

It was 6 degrees C at home but within a mile my temp gauge had dropped and dropped and was soon at the dreaded zero!

Kimmeridge Recovery Walk

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A few months ago……

 we had a memorial walk for a club member who had sadly passed away. Although the occasion was sad the walk was so enjoyable that we decided that we should do it again and thought that Sunday was the ideal opportunity. A good number of the Purbeck Runners had taken part in the half marathon on Saturday so a nice recovery walk was just the ticket and it’s nice to include the families (although I’m not so sure my hubby was impressed at having to get up early for the 2nd weekend morning running!)

oooh new shoes!!!!!!

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Aren’t they pretty?!

I’ve tried them on at least 3 times tonight and sat and admired them for a lot longer! I know that is sad but they’ve got to be admired before they get covered in mud and stink like the old pair.

I went to Running Free in Parkstone on my way home tonight. My old shoes have done just over 600 miles so that may well have been a contributing factor to my calf pain. I took them with me and without telling them that I bought them there last time they checked the wear (which was totally even, right up the middle of the shoe) and told me that I’d been sold the right shoe and that they recommended that I go for the same again, especially given the marathon training. I was most impressed with their service once again. I ran up and down the shop in them and a couple of different pairs for comparison whilst the owner of the shop watched me. You do feel a bit daft but they really know their stuff. I was offered video analysis to compare the shoes but tbh I trust their judgement and wouldn’t really know what I was looking at so just went with their recommendation.

Wk 16 – Runs 1 and 2

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Hello! Didn’t get a chance to post last night as I was busy pretending to be a domestic goddess and sorting out content for the new Purbeck Runner’s website (due to launch very very soon!)

I was still suffering with very tight calves yesterday, particularly my left one. They are very bad in the mornings and then ease up a bit as the day goes on. I mentioned it to someone I know who runs and he said that I shouldn’t continue to run like that as I’d give myself shin splints. I had no idea if what he was saying was right and was worried in case it was right. I went onto the WLR running board and asked for advice and got just the answer I wanted…no connection between tight calves and shin splints..thank you Martin!