Soggy Runners

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Just thought I’d post a couple of pics of some very soggy Purbeck Runners after yesterday’s race!

I’m in the middle and the lady on my right is a dear friend Belinda, we met many years ago when we both pregnant with our older kids – that means we’ve been friends for over a decade now. We used to do loads of swimming together but as the kids schedules took over that got less and less.

It’s fantastic that she is now running too and we get to see each other again regularly – we even get to have proper conversations without the kids interrupting!

What about this soggy bunch????? Notice how we are all still smiling – even those that were shivering (not me I was still boiling!)

A lot of very soggy runners!


I love running!!!!


ps. my shins are fine, my knees are fine – woo hoo (I must admit that I’ve seized up a bit tonight in the thigh area!!)

Resting and not resting…..

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So, this week has been all about  being kind to my shin and hoping that doing so would mean that I’d be okay to run again VERY VERY soon!

My last run was a whole week ago when I did a measly 5k on Sunday. I’m getting rather stir crazy now so hoping that the rest has done the trick. It’s certainly not at all sore any more and I did give it a bit of abuse yesterday! It was unintended abuse but it was my son’s birthday party at a local farm park and they have a pedal go-kart track which the kids absolutely love. The karts look pretty big but even the one’s marked ‘long legs’ are actually not really long enough for pedalling comfortably. I did a few laps (including a close run race where we had a photo finish and I was only beaten because of my competitors cheating habits!!!!!!). However, after those laps I ended up running round pushing the kart, plus 2 children for lap after lap after lap. I had little pumps on (not much cushioning there!) but even with that handicap my leg still didn’t protest. Maybe all the massaging and icing (and resting!) has done the trick??


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Nice place for a race....

I’m very sorry…..

…I’ve been very remiss about my posting this week. I didn’t mean to be but I got in a bit of a strop about things on Saturday and didn’t want to post if it was all moany so I just didn’t post at all!

First of all….the 30 day shred. I did manage to do level one at 5.30am every day last week. Plus, I did a gentle 4.5 mile run on Wednesday night (with Paula who was doing the ultra at the weekend).  I didn’t manage to do anything Thursday evening as I had a village hall committee meeting.

Bournemouth Bay (moan alert)…….

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 Sorry for the lack of posts but I was a bit busy on Saturday and then got ill AGAIN on Sunday…….

I didn’t run on Friday as I still didn’t feel right from the mid week bug so I got up early on Saturday morning and went to meet running club for a gentle 5k. I felt fine when I was doing that so thought I must be okay.

On Saturday afternoon I was busy gardening, I got loads of pruning done and was pretty pleased with my efforts. I was just about to start on the weeding when Elliot (who isn’ t 5 until the end of next month) declared that he’d seen a boy who ‘is younger than me..only about 3’ who was riding his bike without stabilisers so he wanted to try too.

Review and Plan…..

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It’s that time of the week again! I can’t believe that another week has gone already and it’s only 20 days until the marathon….. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

It’s been a really positive week for me, although I still feel underprepared I do feel less unprepared than this time last week! So what did I plan to do/actually do?

Monday – 2 lots of physio and a 5 mile run – done!

Tuesday – 2 x phsyio, Davina Top Fit, core workout – done!

What to do???????

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Despite my run in with a shopping trolley on Friday night my knee felt okay on Saturday morning so I thought I’d go to the gym as planned and do a long ‘run’ on the elliptical (i.e. don’t hold onto the bars so it replicates running as closely as possible!). I’d been fine with that on Wednesday night so had no reason to believe that that wouldn’t be the case on Saturday.

A better day and a new Plan……

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This is my lovely sister Lucy….

and me, just before she disappeared off to the land of snow (where there is very little snow) for the winter season. I miss her loads and loads but today have to give her a huge enormous thank you. She knows why.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare. My knee felt worse than on Sunday despite the icing and ibuprofen and I got increasingly worried about it as the day wore on. Luckily I managed to get an appointment for today with Anne-Marie Samuel at Body in Motion.

I didn’t sleep too well on Sunday night as my knee pain was worse when I tried to straighten my leg which I clearly do quite often when I’m in bed!

Wk 16 – SSRC 4(.1) mile Fun Run!

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Today was the first race of the Purbeck Runner’s 2011 Championship. The Swanage Sea Rowing Club 4 mile fun run.

I was actually dreading this race as I hate the shorter distances as they are just too fast. I have to say that today did live up to that and as usual I went off far too fast for me and felt dreadful by about a mile in!

I was also having a bit of a running tights issue. For some reason, on today of all days, they decided that falling down all the way round was the order of the day! I mean proper falling down too.. the darned things were in wrinkles round my ankles and the gusset at mid thigh on several occasions and I had no choice but to stop and pull them up which was very very annoying!

Wk 16 Plan

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Once again I’m in disbelief that another weeks training is complete (and therefore the marathon is another week closer).

Firstly a recap on how I did in the last week:

Tuesday – Cross Training – Did this in my guest room with the help of the internet!

Wednesday – Tempo run 5 miles – Did 4.6 miles

Thursday – Easy run or Cross Training  – Did Davina Top Fit, Super Six Pack and a great stretching session

Friday – Intervals run – Bit of a fail here – did a hilly 5 miles instead of intervals

Saturday – Rest day – Definitely managed this!

Sunday – LSR 11 miles – Did 12 miles – woo hoo!