Training Update

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HeartHello – I’m guilty of being a rotten blogger again! I have been very busy training and doing ‘life’ but I’ll do my best to give you a quick recap on bits of what’s been going on and a longer recap on the more interesting bits (you might need to put the kettle on as you know how I like to waffle!)

Firstly my lovely Mum had a heart attack. She is back at home now, with a freshly fitted stent and doing really really well but it was all a bit of a horrid scare and actually quite surreal, she did it all in a very non-dramatic fashion, got fixed with no dramatics and came home! She does have to go back in 6 weeks and may need more angioplasty but believe it or not, having someone stick life saving metal tubes into your heart is a pretty standard procedure these days! I’m going to ask her to do a guest blog about it all, especially how her heart attack presented as I think most people will be quite surprised……

To Auto Pause or Not to Auto Pause?

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Hurray the sun has finally come back out from behind the fog!!!!

I am pleased to report that my legs still work. Having a desk job is not great when you’ve run 20 miles, especially as I’m so busy that I just get lost in what I am doing and forget to get up and stretch my legs. However, having said all that my legs have been surprisingly okay. My shoulders were a bit sore…I must try and remember to shake them out and relax them a bit more when I do a longer run.

I had a recovery run in my plan for Monday but I decided against that for a couple of reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to run on tarmac (which I have to do if I run at lunchtime) and I didn’t have time to run after work
  2. I felt a bit knackered!

Failure and Success…

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good weekend and not too cold with this rather chilly weather!

On Thursday I had a very frustrating morning. I’d planned to do my drive/cycle along the prom route to work for the first time this year. When I got back from running club on Wednesday night I got everything prepared; fitted the new lights to my bike (so that I can see a bit better along the unlit sections of the prom), made the kids lunches, packed my bags, got my clothes ready for the morning etc etc etc. In the morning I got the kids up, gave them strict instructions to be ready on time (read pocket money docking type threats!), got myself all sorted and off we went. The only thing I hadn’t done was put the bike in the car. I ended up having to do that in a bit of a rush (where do those 10 minutes before you leave the house go????). When I got to Studland I got the bike out of the car and tried to fit the front wheel….it didn’t go on quite right so I tried again…and again…. and that was when I realised that the flippin nut was missing from one end of the spindle. It still had a spring on it so I hoped that the nut was on the car floor….unfortunately it wasn’t and it wasn’t on the floor by the car either so I had to pack it all back into the car and drive onto the ferry. Not a good start to the day!

It messed up my planned food too as it meant far fewer exercise calories to spend!

What Sundays were made for…..

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…..long, frosty, sunny, slippy, slidey and fun runs….

I haven’t run for 10 days as I’ve either been otherwise committed (kids huh!) or too tired (xmas do’s) or feeling like pants.

I’ve  had a quite rubbish sinusy cold since the beginning of the week. You know the type that results in nice stabbing pain type headaches. I’m actually a bit bored of it now so if it would like to go away then that would be fine with me…..

However, back to today. I woke up this morning and really hoped that the headache would be gone but it wasn’t and as I’ve not run for ages I decided that today was definitelya ‘run will sort my head out ‘ type day.  Elliot woke up just before my alarm and Grace just after and they both proceeded to snuggle up on the sofa, trying to persuade me that I should stay home. I must admit that it was a very tempting prospect, what with the head and the total frosty whiteout outside!

Audiofuel – Adrenaline Junkie 2

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Evening everyone!
Here is my promised review of Adrenaline Junkie 2.
A few weeks ago Clare at Audiofuel read a previous blog entry of mine about the Audiofuel IIntervals and contacted me to ask if I’d like to try their new Adrenaline Junkie 2. I, of course, jumped at the chance. I already love the intervals sessions so there was no way I’d have said no to this.
My only issue was my dodgy knee. I had to wait until it was okay enough for me to push the pace a little bit faster than extra slow plod!

I am still alive!

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I’m a rubbish blogger at the moment but I do have some good excuses, the first one is that I’ve been far too busy having fun and the second is that I’ve been poorly (but I’m better now!). The end of July and August are always extremely busy and I really struggle to keep up the exercise levels but there’s certainly not a lot of sitting around doing nowt either!

Since my last post I’ve been pretty hectic so I’ll do a very quick recap on what I’ve been up to……

Thank you knee, I love you…..

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Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

That was my mantra tonight…..all the way round…..I’ll recap properly tomorrow as it is late but I am very very happy that I managed to complete the race tonight….even if I did it very very very slowly!


Happy Wednesday everybody…..

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Wow, it’s been a really busy week and isn’t set to get any less busy for the rest of August really!

 After my aborted attempt at a run on Saturday morning I was a bit fed up but I can’t let my inability to run ruin my entire mood so after a brief sulk in the car on the way home I did a Davina Top Fit session instead, my knee didn’t protest at all at that…pedantic bloomin thing…. 

The rest of Saturday day time was spent in a blur of painting, gluing and sewing as Mike and I endeavoured to get as much done to the kids’ carnival costumes as possible before their return from their holiday with their grandparents in the afternoon.  All the effort was definitely worthwhile as their faces were an absolute picture when they saw them. I measured up the bits that still needed measuring and got as much stitching done as I could before we went out for a meal with Mike’s family. His Dad has reached the grand old age of 65 so definitely worthy of a celebration!

New week, new plans…..

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Hello all!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days but I’ve been incredibly hectic. I’ll fill you in later but just wanted to do a quick update.

I’ve been resting my knee since last Wednesday and it seems to be improving nicely. It hasn’t hurt at all for the last two days so I’m going to attempt a bit of Davina tonight – wish me luck!

Stupid knee…..

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Not much from me tonight because I am feeling tired, grumpy and sad 🙁

I’m having a bit of a tough week and am really lacking in sleep for various reasons. This isn’t good and makes me unreasonably grumpy about things. My poor kids get shouted at, then I feel guilty …. vicious circle…..

The thing that I am most *&%@~ off about is that my knee is sore. At club last night it twinged a bit just as we set off and I thought about stopping but then within half a mile it settled down and was fine. My hamstrings felt a bit tight but then that’s to be expected after the half and the walk.