Weekly Round Up

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roadrunner exhaustedIt’s been another very busy training week, my fullest yet and I really am shattered!

I’ve done the best weekly mileage for a long while and I’m now very much looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and I think my legs are looking forward to it even more than my head is!

Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year (just slightly belated!)

I hope that everyone had a really fantastic Christmas.  We were very lucky as ours was wonderful. Very relaxed but we still packed quite a lot in.

I had every intention of blogging regularly last week but  unfortunately I was thwarted by circumstances. I’ll give you a bit of a recap of the last week or so (you might want to put the kettle on at this point)


On Monday (was it really a bank holiday, it seems like ages since then!?) I had a gorgeous run with the lovely Carol from my running club. I’m afraid I held her up a bit with all my mince pie and booze extra baggage, especially on the hills! Neither of us live in Swanage so we aren’t as familiar with the off road routes as some people so we had a bit of a magical mystery tour. We started on familiar ground by going up the downs towards Durlston. We then took the coast path around the newly re-opened castle. It was the first time I’d been that way since the path was opened again and I was very pleased to see that they’ve done quite a lot of work on making it more accessible for the less able.

Gold Hill 2011

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Today was a race that I was kind of looking forward to and kind of dreading! The Gold Hill 9.5k is a toughie. On the one hand there is some lovely scenery and spectacular views but on the other hand for every mile of downhill near the start there is, of course, a mile of uphill at the end!

I purposefully didn’t run after Wednesday to ensure that my legs were nice and fresh.

Isn’t it funny when……

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….you don’t feel at ALL like running but then have a great run?

As you know, I’ve had a really horrid stomach bug and didn’t manage to eat much from Sunday to Wednesday. I went back to work yesterday but felt pretty wobbly in the afternoon. I didn’t really fancy much for lunch (spent ages just looking at all the option in the sarnie shop!) and didn’t want my usual pre run ‘Just’ bar. In the end I plumped for a roast beef sarnie and then a Nakd bar in the late afternoon. 

Lots of leg work!

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Hello hello

The sun has got his hat on…hip hip hip hooray…the sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play……. well, it’s 9.30pm now so clearly he hasn’t got it on any more but WOW what an amazing weekend. I apologise for my lack of blog posts but really, it’s been far far FAR too nice to be indoors.

So what have I been up to? Sitting around in the sunshine doing nowt?

Of course not!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve a marathon to run in 7 months, I can’t afford to sit around being lazy you know….

Luvverly Sunday Run…..

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Here is a picture….

of my gorgeous girlie looking all grown up. This was taken after the Purbeck Runners Skittles night last weekend. We all had blue or yellow garlands to wear but somehow she ended up wearing nearly all of them!

Back to business…..

This morning was club run day as normal. Luckily for me Zodwa had a shorter run planned for today which suited me my poor sore sitbones!

I didn’t know how I’d feel this morning after my efforts yesterday so was very pleasantly surprised to wake up with legs that felt just like normal. My only ache is those sitbones which definitely need treating to a nice gel saddle or some padded undershorts!  I’m sure I’ll get used to the feeling but my darling son thought it was particularly funny, for most of today, to prod me in the offending area and see me leap with a huge ‘ooooch’ into the air. Kids….gotta love ’em!

I <3 my bike.............

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I love my bike…..

I really love my bike, I love my bike a lot, I lurve my bike, I <3 my bike, I really really REALLY love my bike!

but more of that later as I haven’t told you about last night’s little outing…

I’ve been suffering with a this stupid cold all week. It’s a bit of a weird one as I keep feeling okay in the evenings but rubbish in the daytime. I had planned on doing an audiofuel session on Friday lunchtime but canned that when I still felt lousy on Friday morning.

Wednesday Night is club night…..

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I woke up yesterday with a stinky, rotten, sniffly old head. Nice. I’ve had a sore throat for several days but I thought that ignoring it would make it all go away. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out.

I really didn’t feel like going for a run but I’d been ask to lead the Totty group so I couldn’t really not turn up! Plus I knew that several other leaders weren’t able to run last night so there wasn’t really anyone else that I could ask. It would have been very short notice too! I dosed myself up with lemsip, armed myself with an Olbas Oil tissue (have you tried these? They are lush!) and headed off to Swanage. The ferry was a lot busier than normal because of the road closures in Holton Heath but I just managed to squeeze onto the back!


Peeps head round door……

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Hello, my name is Rose and I’ve been a rubbish blogger recently!

I’m sorry but circumstances meant that I just didn’t have time for a couple of weeks, then I felt silly because I hadn’t blogged and kept starting a blog but not posting it and then circumstances took over again and I just didn’t get time. Rubbish.

I’ve got lots of half written posts that I think are still worth posting as I’ve had a very good August/September in between crises!  I’ll post those over the next week so please bear with me if I jump all over the place……

Talking of which……jumping all over the place is DEFINITELY something that I need to do a bit more of. My hectic summer has involved an awful lot of eating, more drinking and not enough moving. Not a very good combination really and something that needs to be rectified without further ado……

Very proud big sister…..

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Yesterday was a very special event. I did RNLI Lighthouse Loop 5k fun run in Swanage and I ran it with my sister Lucy!!! Her partner Simon also ran it (but he was way ahead of us!!)

I’m so chuffed as although she’s supported me 100% all along the way of my running journey she’s always thought that I was more than a little crazy to be even contemplating running!

However, some of my madness must have rubbed off as her and Simon started on the Couch to 5K routine a few months ago and ‘graduated’ a few weeks ago.