Parkrun PB for my clever boy!

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I had every intention of doing a midweek post but I’m afraid that it’s just been one of ‘those’ weeks! Last weekend I wasn’t feeling 100% but was determined not to succumb – then I woke up on Monday feeling thoroughly full of cold and very disinclined to exercise! I really had to drag myself out of bed so didn’t manage my full half hour of core exercise but did do all the variations – just not as many reps of each…..

Sunday ‘commitment’ post

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Hi all,

I can’t believe that it’s Sunday evening already!

Thanks for the support on resurrecting the blog. I’d forgotten how much I like both thinking about what to write and actually doing it so it’s good to hear that people like reading it too.

It’s been a busy old weekend, I was still letting my legs recover from last weekend so training wasn’t high on my list of priorities but it does start in earnest tomorrow!

So… here we are again!

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Hello world (as all good blogs say somewhere when you forget to change them!),

Well here I am, 2 (nearly 3) years on from the last time that I blogged and once again it’s a London Marathon place that has prompted me to get blogging again.

I need to give the website a thorough spring clean and update but I’ll do that as I go along otherwise I might never get started with the actual blogging. This post will very briefly bring you up to date with where I am now. You might need to put the kettle on before you start reading though!

Citroen claims a 4 per cent reduction in overall CO2 output

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canada goose outlet orlando It can feel like something was

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Harry would have been particularly moved as the congregation

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and the aching void left by mum who was not there

cheap jordans for sale Then Doria took her place in the chapel and, once cheap jordans on sale Meghan entered to gasps of admiration, she visibly relaxed. And, just like Princess Diana so often showed the world, love and pride was written across Doria’s face. cheap jordans for sale

cheap jordans Cheap jordans sale The controversial circumstances surrounding her family situation and her ex husband Thomas, 70, who missed the wedding on health grounds seemed to be all forgotten. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans online And Doria’s new family the Windsors was on hand to help put her at ease. cheap jordans online

cheap jordan sneakers The 62 year old yoga teacher took her front row seat alone, yet she was warmly welcomed into the royal fold by Prince Charles her daughter’s new father in law. cheap jordan sneakers

Royal watchers spoke of heartwarming scenes as Charles took Doria’s hand when they left their seats to join the newlyweds for the signing of the register.

Royal fans think Harry and William’s model cousin Lady Kitty Spencer looks exactly like her aunt cheap air force Princess Diana

cheap jordans china And on leaving the cheap jordans free shipping chapel cheap air jordan he offered her an arm of support as they faced the world’s media and cheering crowds. Doria was on Charles’s right arm and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, was on the other. cheap jordans china

cheap Air max shoes Charles cheap jordans in china looked tickled and a smile broke across Doria’s face. Then the trio posed for photographs alongside Prince William and his wife Kate and the Queen herself. cheap Air max shoes

cheap jordans in china Doria seemed to enjoy every moment after shedding tears earlier when, understandably, the royal occasion caught up with her. cheap cheap nike shoes jordans in china

cheap air force Dressed in green coat and matching cheap jordans shoes dress by Oscar De La Renta, Doria was a picture of pride, taking every opportunity to gaze adoringly at her daughter. And Meghan looked back with equal love. cheap air force

cheap adidas Their bond mirrors the incredible warmth Harry and his brother William shared with mum Diana. cheap adidas

cheap jordans free shipping The princess, killed in a car crash in 1997, would have been every bit as proud as Doria had she been able to share this special day. But she was not forgotten. From the flowers in Meghan’s bouquet handpicked from Kensington cheap jordans china Palace gardens to the music and readings, the couple ensured cheap adidas that Diana’s presence was felt. cheap jordans free shipping

In one moving tribute they chose a Bible reading about the power of eternal love, read by Diana’s sister Lady Jane Fellowes.

cheap jordans shoes Lady Jane, 61, triggered tears among the 600 guests as she quoted from the eighth chapter of the Song of Solomon. cheap jordans shoes

She read: “My beloved speaks and says to me: ‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away; for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone’.” Lady Jane was joined at the service by Diana’s other sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale and her brother Earl Spencer, along with Harry’s cousins in the cheap jordans on sale Spencer family.

Also present in the congregation was former Prime Minister Sir John Major, who was appointed special guardian to Harry and William, responsible for legal and administrative matters when their mother died.

cheap nike shoes No British or overseas dignitaries were invited to the wedding, but Sir John’s presence was a reminder of a pivotal role that he played in Harry’s life at a difficult time. cheap nike shoes

Cheap jordans Earlier, when Meghan arrived at the West Steps of St George’s Chapel at midday, she was carrying a bouquet with Diana’s favourite flowers. Cheap jordans

Pod Save The Queen royal wedding fashion special: Meghan Markle in Givenchy in echoes of Audrey Hepburn

cheap yeezys Nestled among blooms picked at Kensington and myrtle sprigs, which are traditional in royal bouquets, were the distinctive white petals of forget me nots, the late princess’s most loved flower. cheap yeezys

And adorning the walls of the historic chapel were arches of flowers including white roses, another of Diana’s favourites that were poignantly planted in her memory at Kensington Palace over the summer.

cheap jordans on sale As soon as details of the wedding were announced, Harry said he wanted to “celebrate the memory of the late Princess on the wedding day”. Harry would have been particularly moved as the congregation sang the final hymn. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans from china He and Meghan chose Guide Me O Thy Great Redeemer which was played at Diana’s cheap jordans from china 1997 funeral. cheap yeezys cheap jordans from china

cheap air jordan William and Kate also included it in their wedding. The poignant touches were important to Harry, who was just 12 when his mother died. cheap air jordan

In heartbreaking images, he and William walked behind their mother’s coffin at her State funeral in September 1997.

Today the princes shared memories of their mother as they waited for Meghan to arrive at the chapel.

When Harry spotted a tearful Doria cheap jordans online before the ceremony began he looked across to try cheap jordans for sale to catch her cheap jordan sneakers eye in a supportive gesture.

Doria sat with her daughter’s closest friends Jessica Mulroney and Heather Dorak. She had accompanied Meghan to the chapel after spending Friday night together at nearby Cliveden House, in Taplow, Berks.

Ze reden moncler jassen de nieuwste Audi

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SkullCollectorD5 reacties op The super

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Per ora confinata all del sistema finanziario

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i rischi dei tassi zero all’infinito

Dicembre tradizionalmente il mese in cui gli economisti si esercitano nell i grandi temi che nel bene e nel male influenzeranno l dei mercati finanziari nel corso dell nuovo. In genere, la tendenza ad accentuare i rischi ma quest la scienza triste appare un moncler bambino saldi po pi allegra. Per la prima volta dallo scoppio della grande crisi, il 2017 moncler saldi termina con una generalizzata revisione al rialzo delle stime di crescita elaborate l precedente. La Bce ad esempio ha pubblicato la scorsa settimana le nuove moncler uomo previsioni del Pil dell per il 2017 e 2018, innalzandole di 0,2% e di 0,5% rispetto a quelle pubblicate solo tre mesi fa. E moncler outlet trebaseleghe revisioni analoghe hanno interessato un po tutta l mondiale. Marcello Esposito segue dalla prima Il piumini moncler outlet 2018 si distingue rispetto agli anni precedenti non moncler outlet serravalle solo per uno scenario di crescita generalizzata e diffusa in tutti i settori dell mondiale, ma anche per l di appuntamenti politici di rilievo. Esiste un elezioni in Italia, tuttavia l dei mercati nei confronti della situazione di stallo in Germania rende plausibile ritenere che l di una maggioranza parlamentare in Italia non sar fonte di moncler bambino saldi particolari preoccupazioni. Esiste ovviamente sempre il rischio che possa generarsi un evento catastrofico nelle aree di maggiore tensione geopolitica, ma la tenuta del prezzo del petrolio e la ripresa economica dovrebbero pi che compensare le superficialit e l dell Trump. Negli Stati Uniti, l tra Janet Yellen e Jerome Powell alla guida della Fed non sembra porter ad un mutamento significativo outlet moncler nella conduzione della moncler outlet online uomo politica monetaria. Quindi, il rialzo dei piumini moncler tassi d sar graduale, ma ci sar Dal livello di 1,25% a cui lo ha portato la Yellen, il tasso d principale sar innalzato entro fine anno al 2% o pi D canto, l robusta, la politica fiscale espansiva e l inizia a reagire ad anni di liquidit abbondante. Meno intelleggibile la politica che la Bce intende effettivamente perseguire.

poco credibile l nel corso dell conferenza stampa di Mario Draghi, che sul quantitative easing la Bce non abbia discusso o effettuato moncler donna elaborazioni ulteriori rispetto a quanto annunciato piumini moncler scontatissimi alla fine dell Quale obiettivo si intende perseguire andando avanti a comprare titoli obbligazionari per trenta miliardi al mese, una cifra di poco inferiore ad un anno di deficit pubblico italiano, fino a settembre 2018? Che senso ha promettere di mantenere i tassi negativi fino al 2019 e oltre?

L sta crescendo ad un ritmo superiore a quello americano e l vicina al cosiddetto target del 2%. In queste condizioni, mantenere artificialmente bassa tutta la curva dei rendimenti equivale ad aumentare pi che proporzionalmente lo stimolo monetario, piumini moncler uomo non a stabilizzarlo. L sull sar quello di un spinta. Forse utile per accelerare l dell gap e della disoccupazione, ma il rischio di alimentare ancora di pi la dimensione della bolla speculativa presente sui mercati finanziari e per questa via compromettere il compito primario della Bce, che quello della stabilit finanziaria. Molti osservatori si preoccupano del fatto che una mancata normalizzazione della politica monetaria in Europa possa trovare sguarnite le difese della Bce nell di una nuova recessione. Il ragionamento si basa sulla convinzione che convenga approfittare della situazione favorevole per ricreare uno spazio di intervento per stimolare moncler bambino outlet l qualora un imprevisto lo rendesse necessario. In realt come lo stesso Mario Draghi ha sostenuto, si tratta di un che non ha molte probabilit di realizzarsi nel futuro prevedibile e comunque le munizioni a disposizione della Bce non sono certo finite a causa del Qe o dei tassi negativi. Se c la volont politica, la storia comunitaria insegna che i Trattati europei consentono una interpretazione molto flessibile piumini moncler saldi anche delle norme apparentemente pi vincolanti.

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Other stars that have been seen rocking an Equipment clothing

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lfc personalisiert wappen emaille becher

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