My early race ‘career’ and plans for 2015

My first race…..

…. was a 5km fun run organised by my childrens’ schools to raise funds for the PTFA. That was the start of my obsession with running! I quickly realised that I am very ‘goal’ orientated when it comes to my running and I need to know the date of my next race to inspire me to get out and run even when it’s pouring down, icy, windy, cold and miserable! The day after my first 5km I was searching for a 10k to take me to the ‘next’ level.

I duly booked myself into the Bournemouth Bay 10k – 6 wks after my first 5k. I followed a plan from (recommended by Katie – thank you Katie!). I started at week 3 of the 8 week plan, giving me just enough time to fit it in!

I don’t think I missed more than 2 of my planned training sessions from the week before Christmas 2009 to that first 10k on March 28th this year. When you consider what an appalling winter we had I think that is pretty good going. I’m pretty adept at running through the ice and snow in the pitch black with only the aid of a head torch!

I was incredibly nervous before that first 10k as it felt like my first ‘real’ race. I despatched the kids to their grandparents the night before so I could concentrate on me! (that seems so funny now….). Mike and I were up early and headed off to Bournemouth.

I couldn’t believe my eyes…..

…when I got there. It was a whole new world, hundreds and hundreds of runners all milling about looking cool as cucumber whilst I hardly knew what to do with myself and spent most of the next hour in the toilet or in the queue for the toilet (some things never change……). I’m always worried about holding people up so I made sure that I was right at the back for the start. That proved to be a huge mistake as most of the people in front of me had absolutely no interest in running the race, right from the start walked/jogged/meandered all over the shop and I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm. Most frustrating. I’m now a much better judge of the type of event so know that there are some where I shouldn’t start right at the back (mind you, those are VERY few and far between!!).

I finished that 10k in 64 minutes. I ran the whole thing and crossed the line in floods of tears. I couldn’t quite believe what I’d managed to do. Less than 4 months before I couldn’t run for 30 seconds without thinking that I was about to collapse and there I was a 10k race finisher AND not last!!! I have to admit, however,that it was quite disconcerting for the last mile or so when all the early finishers were strolling in the opposite direction carrying their goodie bags!

At that race I saw a lot of Purbeck Runners…

…. I had already heard of them AND had even got as far as emailing to enquire about the club but had bottled out from actually going! Surely a running club is only for ‘real’ runners????? However, seeing so many of them there in their very distinctive vests made me pluck up the courage to email Zodwa and Ross again and a cold Sunday morning in April found me down at Swanage seafront for my first ever club run. As I’ve already said before, I can’t recommend the club highly enough. There are ALL abilities of runners and each and every one is supported and encouraged in the same way. I’d never be where I am with my running without them. Not only is the running advice great but they are also the most friendly and social club out there. It’s the only club I know where the members stay on the finish line to cheer each and every member back in so no matter how far down the field you are, you know you are about to get a hero’s welcome!

The rest of the year’s races have been influenced by what is included in the club calendar, next year will be the same I’m sure!

Races planned for 2015

Name of RaceDateDistanceTimeComments
Dirty Devil Stampede17/01/201515kmOn the tank training grounds!
Sea Rowing Race25/01/201510kmIn support of Swanage Sea Rowing Club
Lytchett 1015/02/201510mGreat local race
Heartbreak Half22/02/201513.1 (or 14!)mThink this one might be over distance!
Larmer Tree 2015/03/201520Hilly trail race
Weymouth Bay 1022/03/201510kmNew one to me
London Marathon 26/04/201526.2mThe 'A' race for 2015
Upton Summer SeriesVarious May4m
Egdon EasyMay ?10k
Maiden Castle LoopJuly6-7m
Haytor Hellor18/07/201510kmGorgeous race on Dartmoor
Carnival Fun Run30/07/20154m
Lifeboat Loop16/08/2015 tbc5kmTough one!
The BeastEarly Sept12m ish!My favourite race
Studland StampedeOctober12km ishAnother toughie

Races in 2010 – Done ….

Name of RaceDateDistanceTimeComments
Corfe Castle School's Fun Run15/02/105 km36:00My first ever race!
Bournemouth Bay 10k28/03/1010 km64:11Very emotional
Upton Summer Series 1/5 30/04/103.5 miles33:30Hate this race!
Purbeck 10k12/05/1010 km56:00Had a great coach
Upton Summer Series 2/521/05/103.5 miles32:18Still hated it
Poole Festival 10k06/06/1010 km58:44Blisteringly hot
Swanage Half17/07/1013.2 miles2:20:17Very very hilly - loved it!
Carnival Fun Run05/08/104 miles36:55Weird one....
Upton Summer Series 5/520/08/103.5 miles31:54STILL hated it!!!
The Beast (off road)05/09/1012.3 miles2:47:08Off road, very hilly
Studland Stampede03/10/1012 km83:38Wet and very windy!
Gold Hill10/10/109.5 km61:42Hovis ad anyone?
Wimborne 1021/11/1010 miles95:02Was hoping for 110 mins so very happy!


I’m actually amazed with how many races that is…..not bad for my first year of running!

Races in 2011 ….DoneĀ …..

Name of RaceDateDistanceTimeComments
Sea Rowing Club Fun RunJan TBC 4 miles37:06Hated this race but wasn't a bad time for me!
Lytchett 1020/02/1110 milesDNSInjured, could not compete
Bournemouth Bay 10k03/04/1110 km60:27Knee still bad, happy to finish!
London Marathon17/04/1126.2 miles5:28:29LOVED this. Knee still bad but didn't stop me.
Purbeck 10k18/05/1110 kmDNSDidn't compete as my knee was sore
Poole Festival 10k20/06/1110 km56:472 mins faster than last year
Swanage Half16/07/1113.1 miles2:11:1910 mins faster than last year
Carnival Fun Run04/08/114 miles40:40knee bad AGAIN
Upton Summer SeriesVarious3.2 miles31:41managed to improve by a staggering 13 secs!
The Beast04/09/1112-13 miles2:50LOVE this race
Studland Stampede09/10/119.5 kmHope weather is better than last year!
Gold Hill 16/10/1112 kmYes, THE Gold Hill
Wimborne 1020/11/1110 milesGreat race

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