Parkrun PB for my clever boy!

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I had every intention of doing a midweek post but I’m afraid that it’s just been one of ‘those’ weeks! Last weekend I wasn’t feeling 100% but was determined not to succumb – then I woke up on Monday feeling thoroughly full of cold and very disinclined to exercise! I really had to drag myself out of bed so didn’t manage my full half hour of core exercise but did do all the variations – just not as many reps of each…..

Good Luck Paula!!!!!

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Paula is on the far left

A friend of mine from Purbeck Runners is taking on a huge challenge this weekend – a 24 hour endurance running event in Canterbury, Kent;

This will be Paula’s first attempt at this sort of event and she’s put in months and months of training. Whilst we’ve been reveling in the glory of running our ‘marathons’  she’s been doing longer just as training runs and then getting straight back out again the next day! She was a huge support to me when I was training for the marathon and got me through quite a few wobbles, especially when I was injured.

I know that she will be brilliant in this event. I wish her every success, the company of the running fairy at all times and I sincerely hope that the weather is kinder than currently forecast!

Here’s some detail about the event taken from their website:


A safe 6.55mile course which allows competitors the option of dropping out whenever they wish. The route will be fully signed and marshalled with first aid and water stations provided. The route is over tarmac roads, good concrete farm roads, reasonable farm tracks and approx. 300m of rutted, unmade track. The ground can be uneven and difficult in places.

Time limit

24 hours with a cut of at 12 hours for anyone completing less than 36 miles at that time.

Lap control

You will be required to register at the lap control point after each lap you complete.


There is no stipulation on the number of breaks taken, when they are taken or for how long within the constraints of the time limits and cut off point.


There will be an area set aside where Challengers can rest in comfort should they want to which will be protected from the elements.


There will be a continual supply of drinks and snacks throughout the Challenge plus a hot meal for all Challengers when they finish.

It all sounds very daunting to me but I know that Paula can do this.

We’ll all be waiting for update texts throughout the 24 hour period and my bet is that Paula comes home with a very well deserved ‘BIG’ medal.

I’ll definitely be raising a glass to her on Saturday night when I am comfy on my sofa! However, I’ll be looking forward to sharing one with her when she gets back (but not of the red variety as she’s not keen on that!!

Go Paula!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve only gone and bloomin done it!!!!!!

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Sorry I didn’t post this earlier but it was very late when we got back last night and then I’ve been busy all day keeping on the move.

So…. as the title says I did it and I couldn’t be more pleased. Things didn’t go quite to plan along the way but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I reached that finish line…. when I logged on this morning I had an email from virginmoneygiving with a poem that I thought said it all really (and it made me cry…again!)

Because of….



every….exhausted body

every….satisfied grin

every….challenge faced

every…..goal achieved

every….day, for the rest of your life, you are a marathon runner