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It’s me, do you even remember who I am? I’m sorry I’ve been a rubbish blogger but I do have some valid excuses.
It all started when our internet stopped working. OMG, how horrid was that. How did we ever live without it? Not only could I not blog but I couldn’t keep up with all the blogs that I like to read. It also put me very behind on a special project that I was working on.

When the internet finally started working again I had an awful lot to catch up on and that took a lot of time and then I got to the point where I kept starting blog posts but then not posting them as I felt silly as I hadn’t done it for so long…soooooo I decided to bite the bullet and get on with it! Thank you to all those of who have messaged or nagged me to do this! I promise to try a bit harder now…

So I’ll start with a summary

Since I last posted I have……

  • Done some quite long runs
  • Run a 10 mile race, very slowly!
  • Had a hideous cold, followed by sinusitis
  • Done some more long runs
  • Had a shin splint
  • Done some quite short runs (not on the tarmac!)
  • Become adept at mind boringly numb treadmill intervals
  • Done quite a lot of swimming
  • Become well acquainted with the weirdos that hang out in Poole Park (I don’t mean the parkrunners!)
  • Attempted my first ‘back on the road run’
  • Had my first 100 mile total for a 30 day period
  • Spent quite a lot of time working on a brand new marathon…..

RIP Marco Simoncelli #58

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I had a lot to tell you about today but quite frankly I just can’t think straight.

I am in total shock at the news that the amazing Marco Simoncelli lost his life today doing what he loved best to do.

All of us who are MotoGP fans know that these guys take huge risks but these sorts of accidents are so few and far between that we have become complacent.

Marco was amazing, not only was he a huge talent who had yet to show us his best but he was also a huge character. Valentino Rossi referred to him as his younger brother which alone speaks volumes.

This year my MCN fantasy league team featured Vale and Simone and despite their problems (crap bike and over enthusiasm respectively!!) they both stayed my dream team as I knew they would eventually deliver. Maybe not this season but in time….. now Simone will never do that but will always be remembered for the huge huge talent that he was. My thoughts go out firstly to his family and friends and then to Vale and Colin Edwards who through no fault of their own must be feeling utterly rubbish tonight. Stick with it guys. We can’t afford to lose you from the Moto GP world too.


Marco Simoncelli 20.01 1987 – 23.10.2011

R.I.P. and thanks for the amazing memories…….

I am still alive!

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I’m a rubbish blogger at the moment but I do have some good excuses, the first one is that I’ve been far too busy having fun and the second is that I’ve been poorly (but I’m better now!). The end of July and August are always extremely busy and I really struggle to keep up the exercise levels but there’s certainly not a lot of sitting around doing nowt either!

Since my last post I’ve been pretty hectic so I’ll do a very quick recap on what I’ve been up to……

I ran…..

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It hurt


I stopped!

Oh well. I’ll try again on Thursday when we have a 4 mile club championship race (obviously I’ll just trudge round rather than race)