Website updates and a new toy…..

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Hello…me again…

That’s twice in one week. I must be back!

Firstly, what do you think of my new toy? I can’t wait to pick it up. It’s a gorgeous Merida Crossways 10v and it’s been sat in the bikeshop waiting for me for 2 weeks now! I’ve bought it using the Ride To Work government initiative. My company is signed up to Cyclescheme so I get this beauty, a helmet and some mudguards for the princely sum of £18 a month. The only problem is that the certificate is taking forever to arrive and I want it NOW!!!!!!

Very proud big sister…..

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Yesterday was a very special event. I did RNLI Lighthouse Loop 5k fun run in Swanage and I ran it with my sister Lucy!!! Her partner Simon also ran it (but he was way ahead of us!!)

I’m so chuffed as although she’s supported me 100% all along the way of my running journey she’s always thought that I was more than a little crazy to be even contemplating running!

However, some of my madness must have rubbed off as her and Simon started on the Couch to 5K routine a few months ago and ‘graduated’ a few weeks ago.

I am still alive!

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I’m a rubbish blogger at the moment but I do have some good excuses, the first one is that I’ve been far too busy having fun and the second is that I’ve been poorly (but I’m better now!). The end of July and August are always extremely busy and I really struggle to keep up the exercise levels but there’s certainly not a lot of sitting around doing nowt either!

Since my last post I’ve been pretty hectic so I’ll do a very quick recap on what I’ve been up to……

Thank you knee, I love you…..

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Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

Thank you knee, I love you…..

That was my mantra tonight…..all the way round…..I’ll recap properly tomorrow as it is late but I am very very happy that I managed to complete the race tonight….even if I did it very very very slowly!


Swanage Half

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On Saturday…..

it was the Swanage Half. This is one of my favourite races and I was really looking forward to it. I think 10 plus mile races are definitely the ones that I enjoy most as there is far less pressure to run fast! I’m not saying I don’t try hard (far from it) but I don’t feel the need to make myself feel like throwing up for the entire race.

Firstly I’d like to say that I’m really sorry that Nicola and Jayne didn’t get to run on Saturday. They’ve both prepared really hard and were looking forward to the race only for illness to scupper all their preparation. Hope you both feel better soon xxx

So here we are……

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First of all I want to say thank you for the lovely, thoughtful and helpful responses to my mojo post. It’s still a bit MIA but after a lovely family weekend I’m feeling at least a bit more like I can think properly about it all.

I’m going to focus this week on preparation for the Swanage Half which is on Saturday. This was one of my favourite races last year. It’s very hilly and on some horrid roads (which aren’t closed) but there is something special about doing a ‘big’ race on your local patch…the dip in the sea at the end helps too!

The picture on my banner was taken at the finish last year, I had absolutely nothing left in my legs but was determined that I would run across the line! So this week will be all about fuel and no counting will be done! I’m not sure what next week will bring yet but I’ll use this week to formulate a plan (the plan may just be NOT to plan!).

Wild and Windy!

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Wednesday night was club night….

….as usual! We were supposed to be doing a speed session but unfortunately Mike (who leads those for us) wasn’t feeling too well so Nicola was back in the hotseat to lead. As the Swanage half is only just over a week away she decided that we should do the bit of the route that we can fit in on a Wednesday night so it was off up the long long hill that is the Ulwell road for us!

We follow that road until it almost meets the Studland Road and then turn right up onto the downs. Following our recent hill training Nicola set us a target to aim for (a gateway a LONG way up the hill) and reminded us about taking small bouncy steps etc.

The Inaugural Purbeck Marathon…

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On Saturday I joined a group of intrepid pioneers to test out the route for the proposed Purbeck Marathon.

This is the brainchild of a couple of members of Purbeck Runners and they’ve been working out bits of the route for a while now so decided it was time for a full test. The plan was that 3 varying pace groups would set off from Swanage at different times – thus affording people the opportunity to change groups along the route as they tired (or found energy!)

Group 1

This was the walkers group – they would walk the entire route – setting off three quarters of an hour before group 2

Group 2

This was the run/walk group. They would run on the flat and downhill sections but walk up the hills. They left three quarters of an hour before group 3 (I was with this group)

Group 3

This was the runners group. They would run the entire route – including the many many hills!

Slightly wet and windy…….

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Oh what a beautiful morning……

it wasn’t today!

Before I tell you about today I’ll do a quick recap on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I did my normal 5.30am 30 day shred. It was REALLY hard! I’m not sure why; maybe because I was very tired after a long week at work and a late bedtime or maybe because my muscles were already a bit achy before I started? On Saturday I did it again and it felt marginally better and I am managing some of the moves that I couldn’t previously do so there IS some improvement!

Soggy Runners

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Just thought I’d post a couple of pics of some very soggy Purbeck Runners after yesterday’s race!

I’m in the middle and the lady on my right is a dear friend Belinda, we met many years ago when we both pregnant with our older kids – that means we’ve been friends for over a decade now. We used to do loads of swimming together but as the kids schedules took over that got less and less.

It’s fantastic that she is now running too and we get to see each other again regularly – we even get to have proper conversations without the kids interrupting!

What about this soggy bunch????? Notice how we are all still smiling – even those that were shivering (not me I was still boiling!)

A lot of very soggy runners!


I love running!!!!


ps. my shins are fine, my knees are fine – woo hoo (I must admit that I’ve seized up a bit tonight in the thigh area!!)