My amazing friend…..

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I’ve mentioned Paula before when she did her 24 hour event last year and ran 75 miles! This year she’s decided to go one step further and is going to be running a 100 mile ultra in March. You can follow her training exploits on her blog.

Last saturday she decided to run a 45 mile ultra as a training run! It started in Northampton and finished in Tring. She managed to rig her garmin up with a charger so had the complete race in her garmin stats and it makes very impressive reading.

The race turned out to be 46.6 miles and she did it in 8hrs 54mins. An incredible time and her race splits are amazing to read, nearly all 10 min something miles with the longer ones being where the checkpoints are. I just can’t imagine being able to run that consistently for sooooo many miles. Oh and she was out running again tonight taking the beginners running course in Swanage. What a lady!

Failure and Success…

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good weekend and not too cold with this rather chilly weather!

On Thursday I had a very frustrating morning. I’d planned to do my drive/cycle along the prom route to work for the first time this year. When I got back from running club on Wednesday night I got everything prepared; fitted the new lights to my bike (so that I can see a bit better along the unlit sections of the prom), made the kids lunches, packed my bags, got my clothes ready for the morning etc etc etc. In the morning I got the kids up, gave them strict instructions to be ready on time (read pocket money docking type threats!), got myself all sorted and off we went. The only thing I hadn’t done was put the bike in the car. I ended up having to do that in a bit of a rush (where do those 10 minutes before you leave the house go????). When I got to Studland I got the bike out of the car and tried to fit the front wheel….it didn’t go on quite right so I tried again…and again…. and that was when I realised that the flippin nut was missing from one end of the spindle. It still had a spring on it so I hoped that the nut was on the car floor….unfortunately it wasn’t and it wasn’t on the floor by the car either so I had to pack it all back into the car and drive onto the ferry. Not a good start to the day!

It messed up my planned food too as it meant far fewer exercise calories to spend!

A Swim, A Moan, A Run…….

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…..and something a bit exciting too!

On Tuesday…

…as normal, I was working out of our Farnborough Office. I had an absolute nightmare of a journey up there. It seems practically my whole route through Dorset has major roadworks, plus there was a breakdown in the New Forest so that meant an hour long queue across there. Not a good start to the day!

However the day improved at lunchtime. I went for a swim in the pool that is next to our offices. I’d never been in there before but was quite pleasantly surprised. Between 12 and 2 the pool is exclusively for lane swimming so there was no child dodging to be done! I haven’t swum for a couple of months and I’m not particularly fast so I went into the ‘slow’ lane. This did mean that I had to do a fair bit of overtaking but the guys in the ‘medium’ lane were definitely going faster than me. I wasn’t trying to be particularly fast, I wanted to use it as both cross training and as a bit of a stretch out. I managed to do 800m in my allotted half hour which I was pretty pleased with. I’ll try and improve that by 50m next week and again soon after until I am doing a km.

The moan

I am not really justified in this moan but I’m going to anyway. In December I relaxed my eating a little and didn’t get a chance to use my bike except for short rides with the children. Over Christmas week I didn’t really worry too much about what I ate and I must admit that I did hit the chocolates quite hard a couple of times, I also only ran twice rather than the four times I’d normally have run. I could feel that my jeans were a bit more snug so I knew I’d gained a bit of weight but I wasn’t prepared for it to be 11 whole pounds! How is that even possible? It’s thrown my plans for what my marathon weight should be completely. I just hope that some of it is just christmas ‘bloat’ and will come off fairly quickly. I’m being very religious about sticking to my 1100 cals and trying to keep my carbs to a reasonable level instead of using my training as an excuse to nosh pasta and bread at every opportunity! My exercise is back to its proper levels too so that should help.

Wednesday Club Run

I advertised tonight’s planned run as 5 not toooooo hilly miles. I had quite a fast bunch tonight so I had to be careful to look after my achilles. They’ve been really tight and sore since Monday’s lunchtime run and I’m a bit concerned that the new shoes have caused it. I swapped back to the old ones tonight to see how I got on. The run went well and there were just a couple of places where it felt steep so I was quite surprised by how impressive the elevations looked on the chart!  We completed the 5 miles in 50 minutes including a few regrouping stops. My friend Belinda was trialling her shiny new Garmin 405C which her hubby bought her for her birthday at an absolutely bargain price from Amazon. I wonder if she managed to collect the data okay as technology isn’t quite her thing! My achilles felt fine on the run and still feels okay now but I’ll be sure to get the foam roller out before I go to bed. At this rate I’ll have amazing triceps as the foam rollering gives them a great workout!

Planks and Clams!

We’ve got a bit of plank challenge going on our Purbeck Runners forum. We are trying to do a plank a day to ensure a nice strong core for all our running. It’s great because someone always bumps the thread up and it definitely reminds you to get planking. Plus, because I’m doing the plank I then actually remember to do my clams and my one legged dips too.

The exciting thing……

Have a little look at Runners World, page 87….you might see someone you recognise!

Finally, I want to leave you with a picture that might amuse you. It certainly amused me! I’ll be saving this one for future reference….


Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year (just slightly belated!)

I hope that everyone had a really fantastic Christmas.  We were very lucky as ours was wonderful. Very relaxed but we still packed quite a lot in.

I had every intention of blogging regularly last week but  unfortunately I was thwarted by circumstances. I’ll give you a bit of a recap of the last week or so (you might want to put the kettle on at this point)


On Monday (was it really a bank holiday, it seems like ages since then!?) I had a gorgeous run with the lovely Carol from my running club. I’m afraid I held her up a bit with all my mince pie and booze extra baggage, especially on the hills! Neither of us live in Swanage so we aren’t as familiar with the off road routes as some people so we had a bit of a magical mystery tour. We started on familiar ground by going up the downs towards Durlston. We then took the coast path around the newly re-opened castle. It was the first time I’d been that way since the path was opened again and I was very pleased to see that they’ve done quite a lot of work on making it more accessible for the less able.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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It’s Christmas Eve, the presents are all (finally!) wrapped, the tree is sparkling, my gorgeous Grace has opened the carol service with a solo and we’ve been fed and watered (ahem!) by our lovely neighbours.

I’ve had a couple of really good runs this week. The start of the week was blighted by my ever present headache…kind of like an ongoing hangover but without the fun bit at the start! It was still hanging around on Wednesday so I wasn’t altogether looking forward to running but we’d planned a nice social run so I really wanted to be there. In the end I dosed up on Ibuprofen and although I felt rather sluggish I was really glad I’d gone.

Bonus Pictures

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Tish has just sent me some pictures that she took on our run on Sunday (thank you Tish!) so I thought I’d do a very quick post to show you quite how glorious it was on the Purbecks in the not so wintery Sunshine.

I’ll be posting again later to tell you all about our fabulous and cheesy Xmas lights run last night!



How Lucky are we to live in such a gorgeous place?







 And you can’t even see the mud in these!


What Sundays were made for…..

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…..long, frosty, sunny, slippy, slidey and fun runs….

I haven’t run for 10 days as I’ve either been otherwise committed (kids huh!) or too tired (xmas do’s) or feeling like pants.

I’ve  had a quite rubbish sinusy cold since the beginning of the week. You know the type that results in nice stabbing pain type headaches. I’m actually a bit bored of it now so if it would like to go away then that would be fine with me…..

However, back to today. I woke up this morning and really hoped that the headache would be gone but it wasn’t and as I’ve not run for ages I decided that today was definitelya ‘run will sort my head out ‘ type day.  Elliot woke up just before my alarm and Grace just after and they both proceeded to snuggle up on the sofa, trying to persuade me that I should stay home. I must admit that it was a very tempting prospect, what with the head and the total frosty whiteout outside!

It isn’t me……..

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Today I had an email…..

Dear Rose,

Thank you for taking the time to be part of the London 2012 ‘Moment to Shine’ Olympic Torchbearer campaign. We had an amazing response and we were delighted with the inspiring stories that were put forward. 

With an average of 11 nominations for every place, our selection panels were presented with very difficult decisions. There simply weren’t enough slots for everyone who was nominated and unfortunately you have not been chosen to carry the Olympic Flame.

Happy 3rd Birthday Purbeck Runners

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Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for letting me know that you are reading. I couldn’t wait to get started on this post tonight so I think the ‘I can’t blog’ spell is well and truly broken!

On Sunday…..

…..we celebrated my lovely running club’s third birthday with one of our ‘out and about’ type Sunday runs. I should just mention that I’ve taken all these photos from our club website so big thanks to Zodwa and Ross.

We met at the village hall in Morden, near Wareham. I’ve never walked or run around there so I was really looking forward to covering some new ground and seeing a bit of new scenery. Our out and abouts are always a bit more relaxed too; slower pace and less distance.


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Here I am. I don’t know if anyone will even read this after not posting for so long.

I’ve got a bit of a problem. I didn’t blog for a while and I didn’t read any blogs. Mainly because life is so darned hectic but I used to find the time so I gave myself a stern talking to and decided to restart. Only I didn’t. I kept thinking of things to write about, I did lots of runs, I’ve done some great races and I could have written about them.

But I still didn’t…..

I just don’t know why. I really enjoy writing my blog and I love reading the comments and I love reading other peoples blogs even more. It really is very puzzling indeed.



Here I am. I decided to do a quick post to ‘break’ the spell. Now I’ve got this one done I can just get on with it again. I’ve also got a shiny new WordPress App for my phone which will enable me to do short, sharp posts when I’m out and about.

I’m also struggling a little to get my marathon plan sorted for next year. My exercise levels are way down on where they should be (although my mileage is alright) and I’m finding the thought of fitting it all in a bit daunting. I just need to grab all my various calculations and part plans, with my diary and my race calendar and just stop procrastinating and get it done! Any suggestions for how to fit a few more hours into each day would be very gratefully received!

Must go, need to plan a route for running club tomorrow night!

Please let me know if you are still reading