Foam Rollering……my new technique!

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I thought I would share with you my fab new technique for getting the most out of you foam roller…

  1. Buy a reasonable roller from Amazon or suchlike
  2. Ensure you make your legs ache a LOT
  3. Take one small child
  4. Convert him to Spiderman
  5. Insert foam roller UNDER legs
  6. Install small spiderman type child ABOVE legs
  7. Roll away to your hearts content….remember to remove small spiderman child before doing your ITB or else it hurts!!!!!

Wk 9 – Run 1 – Watching for icy bits!!!!

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Evening all!

I was actually a bit worried about planning my route today as I wasn’t sure what the ice would be like. With that in mind I tried to keep it simple and stick to the more ‘main’ roads. We repeated most of the route that I used for my first club run a few weeks ago but still came across quite a few pretty dodgy patches which resulted in a fair few ‘ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ shouts!

Lucky Me!

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Just a quick quickie again…..

I took everyone’s very good advice last night and didn’t go running. I had to go and pick my daughter up from a Brownie’s event so parked a bit up the road and got my quick walk in instead. I’m really glad I did that as my ITBs are still feeling a little bit tight this morning so wouldn’t have appreciated me running yesterday!

You’re probably wondering…..

…. why I’ve posted a picture of a rather fetching pair of weird running shoes! They are Reebok Zigtech shoes and this morning I got an email to say ‘Congratulations’ you have been selected to test a pair of these for Running World!

I’d forgotten that I even applied to be a tester for these and now I should have a pair landing on my doorstep any day now. All I have to do in return is to fill in a review!

I’ll let you know what I think as soon as they arrive (hope they are the colour I’ve posted!!!)

I’ve been busy working on tonight’s route for running club and it’s turned out to be on the hard side of hilly! Don’t really have time to rejig it now so hopefully people won’t hate me for it too much…..