To Auto Pause or Not to Auto Pause?

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Hurray the sun has finally come back out from behind the fog!!!!

I am pleased to report that my legs still work. Having a desk job is not great when you’ve run 20 miles, especially as I’m so busy that I just get lost in what I am doing and forget to get up and stretch my legs. However, having said all that my legs have been surprisingly okay. My shoulders were a bit sore…I must try and remember to shake them out and relax them a bit more when I do a longer run.

I had a recovery run in my plan for Monday but I decided against that for a couple of reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to run on tarmac (which I have to do if I run at lunchtime)¬†and I didn’t have time to run after work
  2. I felt a bit knackered!

Monday catchup……

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Good evening!

Sorry about the lack of updates but I’ve been so busy doing the ‘doing’ that I didn’t have time to post about it!

Hope you don’ t mind indulging me a little but I really wanted to share this picture that my clever Grace drew today. She’s 10 but already has an amazing ability to create depth and character on the page with very few strokes ūüôā

Okay, back to what I’ve been up to………

Firstly my exciting ‘thing’ …. a while ago I read a post on Running Cupcake¬†whereby the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances online¬†had been to visit and granted her a wish. Maria asked what we would wish for and¬† I said some of this….

Pure, cold pressed, coconut oil. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages as I’ve read so many good things about using it to replace any other oils that you might use for cooking. I’ve only used it twice so far and have to say that I’m pretty impressed. It does have quite a coconutty smell but that doesn’t seem to get into the taste iyswim! Anyway, thank you very much Fairy Hobmother! If it was your turn for a wish what would you wish for??

I <3 my bike.............

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I love my bike…..

I really love my bike, I love my bike a lot, I lurve my bike, I <3 my bike, I really really REALLY love my bike!

but more of that later as I haven’t told you about last night’s little outing…

I’ve been suffering with a this stupid cold all week. It’s a bit of a weird one as I keep feeling okay in the evenings but rubbish in the daytime. I had planned on doing an audiofuel session on Friday lunchtime but canned that when I still felt lousy on Friday morning.

Website updates and a new toy…..

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Hello…me again…

That’s twice in one week. I must be back!

Firstly, what do you think of my new toy? I can’t wait to pick it up. It’s a gorgeous Merida Crossways 10v and it’s been sat in the bikeshop waiting for me for 2 weeks now! I’ve bought it using the Ride To Work government initiative. My company is signed up to Cyclescheme¬†so I get this beauty, a helmet and some mudguards for the princely sum of ¬£18 a month. The only problem is that the certificate is taking forever to arrive and I want it NOW!!!!!!

New Pictures, Recovery Runs and those darned shoes…….

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My lovely support crew! Mark, Mike and Kerry

At the weekend……¬†

I got a lovely letter from Starlight thanking me for running for them.¬† I can genuinely say that it couldn’t have given me more pleasure.

I felt extremely proud to be wearing their vest and after watching the television programme in the weeks leading up to the marathon I was even more determined to break through my second target of £100 per mile.

Clever old poorly me……

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I’ve been a bit poorly…. poor me! I don’t know what’s up but a friend that has the same said it’s like a sleeping sickness and I can only best describe it as like a stonking hangover without the nice bit of the alcohol at the beginning!

I’m feeling a lot better now. I have missed my planned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions but not a lot I can do about that and the philosophical bit of me says at least that’s the taper illness done (I hope!!!) I’ve still managed to do some physio and that is the probably the most important thing at the moment

What to do???????

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Despite my run in with a shopping trolley on Friday night my knee felt okay on Saturday morning so I thought I’d go to the gym as planned and do a long ‘run’ on the elliptical (i.e. don’t hold onto the bars so it replicates running as closely as possible!). I’d been fine with that on Wednesday night so had no reason to believe that that wouldn’t be the case on Saturday.


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Hello! I am still here but have been on very reluctant ‘rest’. I fear that this rest period may have been imposed by these babies….my ‘lovely’ new shoes.

My soleus is also still¬†pretty tight but towards the end of my Wednesday night run both of my knees started hurting. Not on either side like I used to get before properly analysed shoes but right in the middle at the top of my knee cap.¬† I think that this points to cushioning issues and the new shoes use the Brooks DNA cushioning (a supposed advance).¬† I’m a bit confused to be honest. Could my knee issues be caused by the calves or is it the shoes or the increased mileage????????????

oooh new shoes!!!!!!

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Aren’t they pretty?!

I’ve tried them on at least 3 times tonight and sat and admired them for a lot longer! I know that is sad but they’ve got to be admired before they get covered in mud and stink like the old pair.

I went to Running Free¬†in Parkstone on my way home tonight. My old shoes have done just over 600 miles so that may well have been a contributing factor to my calf pain. I took them with me and without telling them that I bought them there last time they checked the wear (which was totally even, right up the middle of the shoe) and told me that I’d been sold the right shoe and that they recommended that I go for the same again, especially given the marathon training. I was most impressed with their service once again. I ran up and down the shop in them and a couple of different pairs for comparison whilst the owner of the shop watched me. You do feel a bit daft but they really know their stuff. I was offered video analysis to compare the shoes but tbh I trust their judgement and wouldn’t really know what I was looking at so just went with their recommendation.

Wk 15 – Run 3 – The long slow one!

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You know it’s been a good run when you come back with your shoes looking like this!

I wasn’t sure how long the club run was going to be this morning so I got up a bit earlier than normal and got down to Swanage to do a bit before meeting everyone else. I had intended to do 2 miles but a small child requiring attention before I left meant that I only had time to do 1.5 miles.

I was nicely warmed up by the time I got back down onto the seafront but the big black clouds were gathering and I wasn’t sure whether to take a waterproof or not. I plumped for not in the end and kept everything crossed!