Parkrun PB for my clever boy!

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I had every intention of doing a midweek post but I’m afraid that it’s just been one of ‘those’ weeks! Last weekend I wasn’t feeling 100% but was determined not to succumb – then I woke up on Monday feeling thoroughly full of cold and very disinclined to exercise! I really had to drag myself out of bed so didn’t manage my full half hour of core exercise but did do all the variations – just not as many reps of each…..

Sunday ‘commitment’ post

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Hi all,

I can’t believe that it’s Sunday evening already!

Thanks for the support on resurrecting the blog. I’d forgotten how much I like both thinking about what to write and actually doing it so it’s good to hear that people like reading it too.

It’s been a busy old weekend, I was still letting my legs recover from last weekend so training wasn’t high on my list of priorities but it does start in earnest tomorrow!

So… here we are again!

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Hello world (as all good blogs say somewhere when you forget to change them!),

Well here I am, 2 (nearly 3) years on from the last time that I blogged and once again it’s a London Marathon place that has prompted me to get blogging again.

I need to give the website a thorough spring clean and update but I’ll do that as I go along otherwise I might never get started with the actual blogging. This post will very briefly bring you up to date with where I am now. You might need to put the kettle on before you start reading though!

Ouch, a magical mystery tour and more ouch………

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It’s a tale of three halves this evening (maths never was my strong point!)

Last Thursday I had toothache 🙁 Well actually I had it on Wednesday too but I was doing that “if I don’t acknowledge it to myself it might go away” thing. Luckily I already had an appointment booked for a checkup for Friday but Thursday was a very very long day as it was really sore. I hate the way that toothache really invades everywhere in your face! I was quite worried that the dentist would say it needed root canal work as it’s a previously filled tooth. Luckily he didn’t say that but he did say something else that shocked me. He asked me if I was still running as apparently “you don’t look as slim as last time I saw you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cheek!!!! The nurse and I just looked at each other in disbelief whilst I uttered a ‘how ruuuuuuuuude’. Anyway, he filled my tooth but said he didn’t know if it would work as the tooth is a bit loose. It’s still sore today (3 days later) so I’m a bit worried that it should have settled down by now. I’m back to the head in the sand approach so we’ll see what happens! As a result of the tooth issues I didn’t do my planned run on Friday lunchtime and  I couldn’t do it later as we went out to celebrate my friend Paula’s 100 mile run We had a fantastic night in the Black Swan in Swanage. I’ve never been there before but will definitely be back as the food was incredible. 

To Auto Pause or Not to Auto Pause?

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Hurray the sun has finally come back out from behind the fog!!!!

I am pleased to report that my legs still work. Having a desk job is not great when you’ve run 20 miles, especially as I’m so busy that I just get lost in what I am doing and forget to get up and stretch my legs. However, having said all that my legs have been surprisingly okay. My shoulders were a bit sore…I must try and remember to shake them out and relax them a bit more when I do a longer run.

I had a recovery run in my plan for Monday but I decided against that for a couple of reasons.

  1. I didn’t want to run on tarmac (which I have to do if I run at lunchtime) and I didn’t have time to run after work
  2. I felt a bit knackered!


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It’s me, do you even remember who I am? I’m sorry I’ve been a rubbish blogger but I do have some valid excuses.
It all started when our internet stopped working. OMG, how horrid was that. How did we ever live without it? Not only could I not blog but I couldn’t keep up with all the blogs that I like to read. It also put me very behind on a special project that I was working on.

When the internet finally started working again I had an awful lot to catch up on and that took a lot of time and then I got to the point where I kept starting blog posts but then not posting them as I felt silly as I hadn’t done it for so long…soooooo I decided to bite the bullet and get on with it! Thank you to all those of who have messaged or nagged me to do this! I promise to try a bit harder now…

So I’ll start with a summary

Since I last posted I have……

  • Done some quite long runs
  • Run a 10 mile race, very slowly!
  • Had a hideous cold, followed by sinusitis
  • Done some more long runs
  • Had a shin splint
  • Done some quite short runs (not on the tarmac!)
  • Become adept at mind boringly numb treadmill intervals
  • Done quite a lot of swimming
  • Become well acquainted with the weirdos that hang out in Poole Park (I don’t mean the parkrunners!)
  • Attempted my first ‘back on the road run’
  • Had my first 100 mile total for a 30 day period
  • Spent quite a lot of time working on a brand new marathon…..

What a weekend!!!!

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Well what a weekend I’ve had! I’m still full of this flipping cold and dosing up on every remedy I can think of but it certainly hasn’t held me back. My glowing nose would make Rudolph jealous though!

On Friday I was very careful to make sure that I drank lots and lots of water and continued the weeks trend of trying to keep my carb intake fairly high. I did succumb to a bit of comfort food though, a jacket potato with cheese and beans is just what a ‘feeling sorry for me’ Rose needed for Friday lunch. I made a quick pasta dish for dinner, wholemeal pasta twists with a Lloyd Grossman Red Pepper sauce and a tonne of sweetcorn stirred in. Minimum effort, maximum taste = my kinda food!


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Thank you soooo much darling boy of mine! I’m not feeling too good today. Throat is very very sore and I don’t have a lot of voice (hurray all around me say!) and I am starting to develop a cough. I also seem to have lost the ability to think properly and am having particular problems thinking of the right words for things so please forgive me if this entire blog is written in gobbledegook!

I’ve been to the chemist and bought myself some garlic tablets (tried taking the real thing but am now hating the constant garlicky taste in my mouth!), some echinacea and some of the new menthol lemsips. Am also eating lots of vitamin c rich food as well as taking my normal berocca. I WILL NOT BE ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to see the lovely Anne-Marie Samuel at Body In Motion for a bit of a legs MOT. It was down to her handiwork that I even made the marathon start line last year so I thought this year I would go for the preventative approach rather than waiting until something hurt!

My amazing friend…..

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I’ve mentioned Paula before when she did her 24 hour event last year and ran 75 miles! This year she’s decided to go one step further and is going to be running a 100 mile ultra in March. You can follow her training exploits on her blog.

Last saturday she decided to run a 45 mile ultra as a training run! It started in Northampton and finished in Tring. She managed to rig her garmin up with a charger so had the complete race in her garmin stats and it makes very impressive reading.

The race turned out to be 46.6 miles and she did it in 8hrs 54mins. An incredible time and her race splits are amazing to read, nearly all 10 min something miles with the longer ones being where the checkpoints are. I just can’t imagine being able to run that consistently for sooooo many miles. Oh and she was out running again tonight taking the beginners running course in Swanage. What a lady!