I’m still working on this! I will be following the FIRST plan again but trying to stick with it to the end instead of getting injured this time. Have a look at my 2011 page for a rough idea of the details.

Last year I downloaded a pdf from the Furman Institute of Running Website. The website itself doesn’t seem to have the same info page any more but here is the pdf.

This year I wanted to be a bit better educated about what each of these runs is trying to achieve and to make sure that I was doing the right sort of cross training etc so I’ve bought the book¬†which I’m currently trying to find the time to read! I’m about half way through and it’s certainly reinforced what I already knew and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has struggled with injuries or has the same sort of time constraints that I do.

I’ll post my proposed plan here very soon as I’m intending to get started a bit early so that I can incorporate some contingency/rest weeks into the plan. I think these will be important with my still niggly knee.

I’m also hoping that all the cycling that I am doing will help to strengthen my legs and particularly my VMA and glutes. I’m not quite sure how I’ll fit that in once it gets icy but I’m just hoping that we have a milder winter this year (I know that’s not likely!)

I’ll report back very soon with my plan!


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  1. Dave Major
    Feb 22, 2012

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