Hi all,

I can’t believe that it’s Sunday evening already!

Thanks for the support on resurrecting the blog. I’d forgotten how much I like both thinking about what to write and actually doing it so it’s good to hear that people like reading it too.

It’s been a busy old weekend, I was still letting my legs recover from last weekend so training wasn’t high on my list of priorities but it does start in earnest tomorrow!

Yesterday, Elliot and I were intending to go to Poole Park Run for their pacers event but it was really frosty when we woke up so I didn’t really fancy driving over there only to find it was too icy to run (it’s about 18 miles from here). So, instead he and I snuggled on the sofa for a while watching Junior Masterchef and chatting about rubbish before waking Mike up to head to Swanage for the most excellent Christmas street market. I’m still struggling with feeling Christmassy this year so a beautiful sunny, frosty morning, gorgeous crafts in the street and Christmas carols was very much welcomed.

SantaWe bought a lovely seashell wreath for our front door, then ended up buying a heat gun, embossing powder, ink and stamps so that we can make our own labels for Christmas presents. We had to rush back (quite luckily given the yummy array of edible goods!) so that Elliot could get to the village Christmas party for the younger children. This is a free party, held every year and paid for by our very funny ‘Prize Bingo’. This year Father Christmas was lucky enough to have one of his elves there to help with dishing out the presents. We’re very lucky to live in a small village where all the children get on well and the older ones play with the younger ones, then the younger ones grow up and in turn look out for the little ones. Very old fashioned but a very lovely.

After the party Elliot and I had to rush home again and start getting ready for party number two -the Purbeck Runners Christmas Bash! Our lives aren’t normally such a social whirl but it is Christmas you know! This is the first year that Elliot’s come to the party but for the first year there were junior championships so he was keen to see how he’d got on. There were specific races to do for the 11+ juniors but those 10 or under just had to do 8 races to qualify for an award.

Elliot-GR8Apologies for the quality of the photo, but here is Elliot with his GR8 t-shirt. He was so chuffed with it that he wore it to bed last night! It was a really proud moment to watch him go up and collect it as he isn’t the worlds most natural runner but has persevered with it all year despite some wobbly moments about being at the back of the field (especially at Park Run). I keep pointing out that he isn’t the only runner in the family to spend time with the back markers and much more importantly he’s only at the back of the people who can be bothered to get out of bed and go run! Little things like this t-shirt really help to encourage him to keep active and that’s really important to me – regular exercise is part of our ‘normal’ activities (‘our’ meaning Elliot and I and not the other two lazy wotnots!).

Hangover_runThis morning saw our traditional ‘hangover’ run although weirdly most of us were hangover free (we were scarily restrained last night). However my legs were definitely still feeling last weekends mileage so I held proceedings up even more than I normally do – hopefully this marathon milarkey will mean that I finally get a bit more stamina back for getting up all the local hillage.

It was only about 4.5 miles but that was plenty for me today, this afternoon I felt shattered and could happily have curled up on the sofa and gone to sleep (I didn’t as I had too much to do) but I must admit to ditching our planned dinner for ‘chuck it in the oven’ stuff out of the freezer!

So, onto the matter of the title……

…the plan for the week ahead is to eat clean, restrict myself to one cup of caffeinated coffee per day and exercise as follows:

Half Hour Core Mobility Session – Planks (Side, Front, Lifts), Superman, Bridge, Metronome, Clams and AI stretches

3 mile run (v slow pace but no stopping)

AM – Core Mobility as before
PM – 4-5 mile tempo run at Running Club

Davina DVD – 30-40 mins (depending on which one I fancy!)

AM – Core Mobility as before
PM – TriPurbeck Run Training Session – will include form training circuits and intervals probably!

Hopefully a gentle Park Run with Elliot

8 mile (ish) run with club

A fairly gentle start to my training but will hopefully help me to get my focus. I also want to commit to this being the first December that I end the month lighter than I start it…..there….I’ve said it now so I can’t back down!

Have a great week folks,


ps, here are a couple of pics of some of my favourite people wearing their GR8 t-shirts for getting themselves to the finish line of at least 8 of our championship races this year!

GR8 Runners! Tarara_Belinda_GR8

  1. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Dec 08, 2014

    Well done Elliot on completing those events 🙂 And also for keeping going- he is overtaking everyone on the sofa after all.

  2. marathondan
    Dec 08, 2014

    Great to see you blogging again Rose. I’m a bit concerned to see there is no rest day in that schedule…

  3. Tish
    Dec 09, 2014

    I’ve now got you as an icon on my phone!

  4. Nicola
    Dec 09, 2014

    Hi Rose, so happy to see you back blogging, you’re an inspiration to us all and I’m looking forward to reading of all your VLM adventures. Happy running x
    ps have you really gone out running in this weather tonight, its fierce!

  5. rose
    Dec 10, 2014

    Maria – that’s what I keep telling him. He was very proud showing his t-shirt at school so I think it’s going in!

    Me an icon! Well I never Tish….

    Don’t worry Dan, I’ve done more resting than intended!

    Hi Nicola! I’m looking forward to sharing my journey ups and downs…. yesterday’s run was supposed to be in the morning but I’ve got a really stinky cold so didn’t go!