Hello world (as all good blogs say somewhere when you forget to change them!),

Well here I am, 2 (nearly 3) years on from the last time that I blogged and once again it’s a London Marathon place that has prompted me to get blogging again.

I need to give the website a thorough spring clean and update but I’ll do that as I go along otherwise I might never get started with the actual blogging. This post will very briefly bring you up to date with where I am now. You might need to put the kettle on before you start reading though!

So what’s happened since the last time I blogged?

I’ll keep it brief, I’ve run the Giant’s Head Marathon (ultra!), the Purbeck Marathon route twice, fell off the Purbeck Marathon route once, couldn’t run, ate loads, drank loads, put too much weight on, started running again, didn’t lose weight, enjoyed running with friends but not pushing myself, got ill, stopped running for a while, started again……

Where am I now?

I’m running and enjoying it but I’m very very slow.
I’m still a member of Purbeck Runners (if Carslberg made running clubs……) and run with them twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays).
I’m also going to run training with TriPurbeck on a Friday night – this is a brilliant session which really pushes me and works on my running form and the added bonus is that Elliot (my 8 yr old son) goes too – run AND bike training for him.
Elliot and I recently started going to Parkrun – I run with him and 5k is still quite a stretch for him so we take around 40 minutes but if he gets a PB we go to the cafe for a bacon sarnie so he tries very hard!

London Marathon 2015
Four go Running
I so wish there were some nice views round here……

Last weekend I ran the Purbeck Marathon course (all 27 muddy miles of it!) with a some very good friends. We had a fabulous day for it, so much glorious sunshine that I even got a bit sunburnt – in November! I was totally under trained but determined to get round and earn my 2014 t-shirt and medal (we couldn’t run on the actual day of the marathon as we were all helping with the organisation).  We were doing what is known in Purbeck Runners as ‘Rosing’ it up the hills (power walking them – see what a bad reputation I have!) and running the flats but I was already feeling it in my legs by the time we got to 12 miles at Kimmeridge – what made it worse was that from the ridgeway I could see my nice comfy cottage and could imagine myself having a nice nap on the sofa!

At the same time as we were running along this route the Purbeck Runners were having the annual birthday runs and ‘out and about’ – this year from the Discovery Centre at Studland. After the runs came the draw for the coveted three London Marathon places. The first went to Jason Cooper, the second to Ramon Bolar (both very accomplished runners) and the third to me!!!!!! Obviously I was unaware of this but my friends Tish and Tara soon put that right and I got the phone call just as I passed mile 13 – I didn’t believe what I was hearing at first (thought the exertion had made me delusional) so Tish had to repeat it a couple of times. My legs went really wobbly afterwards and I needed to catch the others up but could hardly get one foot in front of the other!

I actually still can’t believe that I’ve got this place, I’m thrilled to bits as it is just what I need to make me focus on both my training and on losing weight. Plus, for other reasons, I need a bit of a focus for my mind at the moment and working on my training plan is definitely providing that!

So that’s it for now, any advice on training plans, cross training, losing weight rather than gaining while marathon training and getting a sub 5 marathon would be very gratefully received!


  1. Hannah
    Dec 05, 2014

    Well hello there again! Welcome back lovely. Hopefully your blogging will inspire me to get my ass moving again like it did last time! xx

  2. Tim Churchill
    Dec 05, 2014

    awesome to see you back blogging.

    Looking forward to hearing about your training exploits.

  3. Bev
    Dec 05, 2014

    Awesome effort Rose…..you’ll do sub 5 this time, you’re very determined and focused …makeing me feel lazy now so may get me running more too x

  4. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Dec 07, 2014

    How lovely to see your blog up again 🙂
    That is amazing about you running the marathon route- and very exciting about you having a marathon place too- looking forward to reading about your training 🙂
    And lovely to hear you are enjoying parkruns too- I love them whenever I can get to one.

  5. rose
    Dec 07, 2014

    thank you everyone, I’m really pleased to be blogging again too. Hopefully it’ll work to keep me good and focussed again!


  6. Tish
    Dec 08, 2014

    Soooo glad you’ve started this up again, Rose! Looking forward to cheering you on in London. Must make a plan. xxx