I had every intention of doing a midweek post but I’m afraid that it’s just been one of ‘those’ weeks! Last weekend I wasn’t feeling 100% but was determined not to succumb – then I woke up on Monday feeling thoroughly full of cold and very disinclined to exercise! I really had to drag myself out of bed so didn’t manage my full half hour of core exercise but did do all the variations – just not as many reps of each…..The rest of the week was just as much as a wash out training wise but it was the right approach as I couldn’t breath properly, I was tired out and I couldn’t sleep properly. I never usually know quite whether to push through when I’m like this or whether to take a bit of time out – this week I didn’t have to think twice and opted for staying inside in the warm!

I did manage core workout sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, plus a short run on Thursday morning (just under 3 miles) but I skipped running club on Wednesday and Tri club on Friday. I also missed my Davina DVD on Thursday.

Parkrun pbI was determined to get back on track this weekend so Elliot and I got up bright and early so that we could get to Park Run on Saturday. It was our 5th park run and the 4th at Poole Park (our nearest). Elliot still struggles a little with the distance but we have a rule where if he gets a PB he gets to have a bacon sandwich in the cafe afterwards. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything special this week as we haven’t done this distance for a few weeks, plus it was only just above freezing temperature, which I love running in but he finds a tad chilly. However, we had a great start and for once he managed not to go off too fast. Poole Parkrun is 2 laps of the lake followed by 1 lap of the cricket pitch. There is a little bridge about 3/4 of the way around the lake and we always aim to get to that before getting passed by the lead runners on their second lap but this week we were nearly there before I saw that the lead runner was still at least 20 seconds away – this gave Elliot a great boost and we got over the bridge and up to the next corner before being passed. For once, Elliot didn’t get a stitch (apparently Pain au Chocolat IS the breakfast of champions) and he did a great second lap too. We did resort to our normal run walk strategy but it’s funny how a bit of structure (we walk for 10 and run for 30) actually means that we gain on people. He was really strong in the second lap instead of starting to feel worn out half way round and it wasn’t until we got to the cricket pitch that he started to flag and started to say that his legs were ‘stinging’ – he still managed a 12:40 mile despite this though so I was very chuffed with him. Apparently my ‘encouragement’ does become a little annoying though! I knew he’d got a new PB (costly!) but it wasn’t until the email came through that I realised that it was a 2:53 PB. What a star!!!!

sunday hillageOn Sunday…..

I went to Swanage for our normal Purbeck Runners Sunday run – traditionally a more gentle paced long run (especially if I’m with the group!). Today the plan was to run over the downs to Old Harry Rocks, into Studland village and then back up the Glebe. I don’t mind admitting that I struggled right from the start. I had no energy, my legs felt like I’d already run about 15 miles and I did wonder why I wasn’t tucked up at home in bed….. of course the reason I wasn’t is that I do actually love my Sunday natters even when I’m struggling with the running bit of it. It was a very hilly run but I did start to feel a bit fed up when it felt so hard but then my lovely friends said that they were struggling too and suddenly I didn’t feel quite so bad about it. That’s the most brilliant thing about my club. The support is incredible. There’s always one or more of us who are having an ‘off’ run or an ‘off’ several runs and you’re just encouraged to stick with it (even when you can’t keep up!) and eventually you find the love again and your legs start working and off you go again. I also realised that it’s only 2 weeks since I did the 27 mile Purbeck Marathon route so it’s no wonder that my legs still felt a bit weary!

As for my marathon plan…

…that’s still a work in progress, I’m reading a couple of books and tweaking the numbers but what I am determined to do is to follow my friend Tara’s lead and make the plan fit with what works for me rather than beat myself up doing something that makes me miserable. I still want to run with Purbeck Runners on a Wednesday night, with Tri Club (and Elliot) on a Friday night and to fit in Sunday runs with club wherever possible. I will need to do more longer/flatter runs on Sundays so I will have to compromise a bit there but I’m very lucky because a lot of friends have already offered to skip Sunday club runs and come on longer flatter runs with me.

I’m slacking a bit as I haven’t worked out what this weeks plan is. I’ll definitely be incorporating at least 2-3 core mobility sessions, 3-4 runs and 1 Davina DVD – I’ll work it out properly tomorrow when I’ve finished being blown away by the amazing athletes on Sports Personality of the Year!


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Dec 15, 2014

    Well done Elliot! I think that is why I love parkruns so much- they encourage everyone to join in.