Xmas Run TrainingAt 5pm on a Friday I never ever feel like going to Tri Club run training – there’s always a good reason; a long week, a lack of sleep, too much to do, legs need shaving,  a wine bottle with my name on……. you get the picture! Luckily though Elliot ALWAYS wants to go so meeting him there and exercising together (albeit in separate groups) is enough of a pull to get me there and I’m never ever sorry that I’ve gone. I must admit that I find it really tough, especially as the warm up laps are generally the speed of my ‘faster’ runs! Oh and because the fastest people there are 20-30 years younger than I am!

I can’t rate TriPurbeck highly enough, they are as supportive of slow runners like me as they are of the exceptionally fast all rounders in the club. The training really is proper training. I only go to the run training so can only comment personally on that but I’m sure that the bike and swim sessions are as well run as the run training. One day I plan to get to grips with those too but at the moment I need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

The Friday night sessions are from 6-7pm so are a really good way to start the weekend. I have to go straight from work so Mike meets me with Elliot and his bike, we swap cars, he heads home and Elliot and I go work hard! In the winter the sessions are held on the astro turf at the local sports centre and in the lighter months in Wareham Forest.

The younger children do a mix of bike and run training, practising their transition changes too. Elliot absolutely loves it and is always starving afterwards so clearly works hard!

The adults run training session is a mixture of circuits and interval training. We always start with a couple of laps gentle running warmup around the astroturf (always a bit fast for me!) then a structured warmup lap incorporating strides, backwards running and other warmup exercises. After that we do a 20ish minute circuit session (the very messy bit on the garmin picture). This consists of 1 minute of each exercise and the exercises vary each week. All the exercise are designed to work on core fitness and general strength/form and incorporate several plyometric exercises. This week we had  (in no particular order):

  • Shuttle runs
  • Sideways jumps, backwards and forwards
  • Plank
  • Ankle turnovers
  • Burpees (I hate hate hate hate hate burpees)
  • 1 minute deep squat (hold the squat)
  • Press ups
  • Bounding
  • slalom through cones, staying facing forward
  • jumping lunges

Bauble relays!After the circuits we moved onto the interval session. These are always around 20 minutes long but take a slightly different form every week. This week we had to find a partner of similar running ability so we could do bauble relays! Each person took a turn to run hard then pass the bauble to their run partner who then did the same. We had to do this for 20 minutes and get as many laps in as possible in this time. The record is 23 laps and we weren’t expecting to get anywhere near that one…in fact the fastest pair had completed 4 laps by the time we were just into our 3rd!  In the end we managed 14 laps and I was pretty pleased with that. My pace for each lap varied from 7:51 (per minute mile) to 8:23 pace on my slowest lap. I just wish that I could sustain that sort of pace for longer than 0.18 miles!

We followed up the intervals with just one lap of warm down tonight. We normally do a couple and then our stretches but it really was pretty cold tonight so one was all that was needed and then we were advised to do our stretches in the warm at home.

If anyone local wants to have a good workout and set themselves up for the weekend then I suggest you get yourself along on a Friday night. Your first session will be free and then if you join the club it’s only £2 a session. An absolute bargain!

Elliot and I are planning on doing park run in the morning but we’ll see how early he wakes up as he really needs to bank a bit of sleeping at the moment!


  1. Tish
    Dec 19, 2014

    Wow! Great blog, Rose. It sounds very tempting. Might give it a go.

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Dec 22, 2014

    Well done- normally by Friday night I am too tired to do anything, and save my energy for a parkrun in the morning instead.