Last night was the Purbeck Runner’s now traditional ‘Christmas Lights’ run where we take in the best lit up houses in Swanage.


I’d been looking forward to this run as it’s good fun, most people make a bit of an effort to wear something festive and looking out for the houses adds a bit of purpose running up and down the streets! I stole a set of battery operated lights from the kids (oops must remember to return those) and attached them to a pair of sunglasses that I could wear on top of my head. I actually don’t know how people ran with Santa hats on – my head gets FAR too hot for that.

Two groups ran together so there was quite a mix of ability – us slower runners did struggle to keep up a bit over the first couple of miles but once we got to where the lights were it was a bit easier as there were a lot more opportunities to regroup. It ended up being a good workout for me, which I was pleased about because¬†(whispers)¬†I’m having a bit of an ‘I don’t like running’ period.

sloth trail running
Rose Trail Running

Not really enjoying my running at the moment is a tad unfortunate when I’ve got months of marathon training ahead! I know why I’m not enjoying it, it’s because I need to lose weight and get fitter and every run is a struggle, I don’t mind being a bit slow but it does get a bit disheartening always feeling like you are holding everyone up. I’ve also been looking back at my garmin stats from the training I did for London last time and it’s made me realise how far off form I am from then. However, the good thing is that having the marathon to look forward to is focussing me and I know that the only way I will enjoy my running more is to run more! I also need to make sure that not all my runs are done with faster runners so that I don’t always feel like I have to push past my current natural pace – this one’s a bit tricky as half of what gets me out there at the moment is being able to run with friends but nearly all my friends are rather a lot faster than I am! Hmmm….Wednesday night club runs will be fine as there are a variety of groups so hopefully I can keep up with at least one of them but I might have to rethink my Sunday strategy for a while, at least until I feel like I’ve got a bit of fitter. I might draft in my most strict trainer (Elliot) to come with me on a few long runs (on his bike I hasten to add) – he likes nothing better than ‘encouraging’ me along with some “Shift your bum Mum!” stylee abuse!

I’m planning on getting to Tri Club run training tomorrow night, hopefully doing the Christmas Park Run with Elliot on Saturday and then a social run with Purbeck Runners on Sunday – I’ve also got to fit in work, buying the last few presents, Mum’s Taxi, all the wrapping, housework and goodness knows what else so I’m not sure that I’ll fit any Davina in this week!

I’d be very interested to hear any suggestions for how to fall back in love with my running. Inspirational reading?


  1. Pip
    Dec 18, 2014

    Inspirational reading? Well you inspire me and wish I had your dedication – your claimed slump will pass, every time I read your efforts I do think about sorting my own fitness level out ! Go girl go ……. Xx

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Dec 18, 2014

    Not sure on the old motivation front I am afraid- I have the opposite problem in that I really want to run, but can’t as have had an awful cough for ages now, weeks- getting a bit impatient now!

  3. rose
    Dec 19, 2014

    hmm, being ill really sucks, sorry for moaning when you’d just love to get out there and run Maria!

    Thanks Pip – get that countdown to skiing calendar done! That’ll help with the motivation levels xxx