Good evening!

Sorry about the lack of updates but I’ve been so busy doing the ‘doing’ that I didn’t have time to post about it!

Hope you don’ t mind indulging me a little but I really wanted to share this picture that my clever Grace drew today. She’s 10 but already has an amazing ability to create depth and character on the page with very few strokes 🙂

Okay, back to what I’ve been up to………

Firstly my exciting ‘thing’ …. a while ago I read a post on Running Cupcake whereby the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances online had been to visit and granted her a wish. Maria asked what we would wish for and  I said some of this….

Pure, cold pressed, coconut oil. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages as I’ve read so many good things about using it to replace any other oils that you might use for cooking. I’ve only used it twice so far and have to say that I’m pretty impressed. It does have quite a coconutty smell but that doesn’t seem to get into the taste iyswim! Anyway, thank you very much Fairy Hobmother! If it was your turn for a wish what would you wish for??

My first double…..

On Friday I did my first ever cycle/run combo. Mike was off with the kids (inset day!) so I only had myself to get ready for work AND could leave as early as I wanted to. Bliss……

I got to Studland in time to catch the 7.30am ferry. It was a really beautiful morning, the sun was rising and the water was like a millpond. It’s incredibly tranquil when it’s like that and a perfect start to the day. There was practically no wind so I made it to the office by 8am, parked the bike, dumped all my other stuff in the office and headed straight out for my run.

I haven’t done any interval training for ages and it’s showing in my speed (or in my lack of it!). It’s amazing how quickly I lose any bit of speed I gain by training right.

I went back to basics with my favourite Audiofuel 175bpm session. I didn’t really need the 5 minute warm up after my cycle in and it was actually hard to run to the beat as it seemed a bit slow! However, I didn’t have that problem later in the run when doing the recovery sessions! It felt really good to push myself again, plus all the form reminders really do make you think and you do end up ‘running tall, running strong and making every step count’. I had a fantastic run. I was very glad of my sweatband on my wrist as I was ‘glowing’ like Lee Evans!

I forgot to start my garmin until the end of the warm up but here are my splits for the rest of the session. Split 5 is actually where I have to climb up a lot of steps so I ‘lap’ it so it is easier to discount later. I was really pleased that I’d managed to sustain the intervals, although I did have to do only 2 minutes of the final fast one as I’d run out of time before work (good excuse huh!)

I really wish that I could do this more often. I don’t mind admitting that I felt quite smug having done all that exercise before I even started work…and I still had the return leg to do on the bike at the end of the day. My legs did feel a bit tired on the way back and it was a bit windy by then too but it’s nice to know that I CAN do it!

Lovely new things!

For my birthday some of my lovely friends at running club gave me a voucher for Up and Running. I didn’t rush out and spend it as I wasn’t sure what I needed most. However, last weeks sand race and the Beast a few weeks before made me realise that trail shoes were what NEEEEEEDED…. So on Saturday we went over to Winton to see what they had to offer. I tried several pairs but ended up with these rather lovely Salomans. They fit like slippers and have a great easy lacing system. I also treated myself to specific offroad socks and then my darling hubby encouraged me to buy the Brooks Nightlife Storm jacket that I’ve been eyeing up since the start of last winter. Up until now I’ve been running in a fatface waterproof but it gets very very warm!

Sunday run

As we’ve had a couple of hard races for the last two Sundays I was really looking forward to a nice relaxed Sunday Club run. Tish planned a gorgeous route for us and as it was all offroad (bar the last half a mile) I could try out my new shoes! Yippee!!!

I always find it so hard to decide what to wear at this time of year. I knew the forecast said it would be a mild day but when I was getting dressed at 8am it was still pretty cold and very windy and the coast path is pretty exposed. I plumped for long tights and a long sleeved t-shirt but put a vest underneath so that I could strip off if necessary.


 We started, as usual, at the Mowlem in Swanage and then headed straight for the downs. Ross was waiting at the top of the downs with the camera so there was no chance of a sneaky walk on the way up! Here I am trying very hard to keep up with Tish who is flying lately!

We carried on up to Durlston and managed to find the coast path without getting too lost in all the diversions (I can’t wait until it re-opens fully). From there we kept on the most obvious coast path until we got to Dancing Ledge. I managed to trip over somewhere along the way despite the proper trail shoes. All Tish’s fault as she said I needed to test out the toe protection!

From Dancing Ledge we climbed up the very steep steps (pausing to refuel with wine gums before attempting this!) and then headed back to Swanage along the Priest’s way. I was actually sorry to get back to town as it was such a lovely run. I came back feeling all warm and euphoric. Just the kind of run that reminds you EXACTLY why you do it. Perfect.

(the coffee and teacake afterwards are quite a draw too……)


I was in two minds about whether or not to use my bike. As I’m off work at the end of the week I’ll miss 2 days anyway and I didn’t want to miss today as well. The forecast looked a bit hideous but said that the rain wouldn’t come in until about 10pm, plus the winds were South Easterly so that meant a following wind on the journey home. I had a wander around the garden and it felt fairly mild and there wasn’t too much wind so I decided to go for it.

I’ve just signed up for National Trust membership so I can now park right next to the ferry offices. I feel a lot happier about leaving the car there than on the side of the road where no-one can see it. I parked up, got out of the car, got the bike set up and nearly got blown off my feet! It was a LOT windier there than it had been at home. It was still mild though so I decided to go for it. I rode down towards where I normally wait for the ferry only to find that the waves were breaking right over the road and I had to wait a long way up so as not to get wet feet! I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get onto the ferry without getting soaked but it was too late to change my mind….. the ferry arrived and actually had a bit of trouble getting it’s bows down onto the slipway, the wind kept blowing it off course (despite the chains) and it was still moving once it did dock. I just had to go for it, luckily I didn’t get a wave right over me but I did have to ride through fairly deep water. I don’t think I’ve ever been on the ferry when it was being buffeted quite so much!

I got off fairly easily and headed to the prom. I was riding into the wind so it was pretty hard work. I had to stop and put my sunglasses on, not because it was sunny but to keep the sand out of my eyes. Ow!! The sea was amazing, the waves were crashing over the beach and nearly coming as far up as the prom.

Just after lunch today it started getting darker outside and I realised that the forecast hadn’t been entirely correct. Needless to say I got a little bit wet on the way back! Luckily I’d remembered my waterproof so my top half was okay. I was wearing half the beach by the time I got to the ferry though. I really thought I’d miss the 6pm but luckily for me the lovely chap on the ferry spotted my flashing front light shining on the signs before I even turned the corner so was keeping the gate open for me! What a star!

I might have been soaking, blown away and covered in sand but it was FUN!!!!!!

Is it just me who enjoys getting wet and muddy whilst exercising or is there a secret child in all of us?


  1. Maria
    Oct 25, 2011

    Yay for the coconut oil! 🙂 Glad you like it. I find that if I cook veggies in it, sometimes they still have a coconut hint to the flavour. I love it most in baked/sweet things. Mmm. I think that when the weather is bad, I never want to go out, but then being blown about by the wind and rain makes coming back inside more satisfying, plus I feel a bit crazy to be outside- manic laughing inside my head as everyone else is warm and dry and wondering what possessed me to go outside in the first place!

  2. Lorn Pearson
    Oct 25, 2011

    I love it too Rose – I did a long trail run the other weekend (24.5 miles, 12 of it on trails) and got mud all over my new trainers (and in them) and up my legs… great fun… if a little slippy slidey hairy at times!

  3. Lorn Pearson
    Oct 25, 2011

    Hi Rose – not sure if you’ll get my comment I replied on my blog (I’ve taken that page down as the calculator is obviously not working properly: )…

    Here’s my reply anyway:

    Hi Rose,

    You aren’t I’m afraid there’s an issue with the calculator. It seems to work for me, but not for others!! :-O

    Can you email me your details: height, weight, body fat % and I’ll work it out for you. X ( ) I’ll work it out and explain how it was worked out for you.



  4. Sarah
    Oct 25, 2011

    Your bike ride in the wind and rain sounds quite scary!
    I have exactly the same dilemmas with regards to my running wardrobe. During the day I’ve been wearing leggings and a T-shirt, but I’m wondering whether to put another layer on for my run tonight.

  5. Errign
    Oct 26, 2011

    I love running in the rain as I feel rather badass and biking in the mud is fun 🙂

  6. Maria
    Oct 27, 2011

    Hey- you randomly popped up on my facebook today as people I might know! No idea why! Hope you don’t mind me adding you 🙂 I won’t take offence though if you dont! 🙂

  7. Maria
    Nov 01, 2011

    PPS- you might want to check out my post from this evening 🙂