I love my bike…..

I really love my bike, I love my bike a lot, I lurve my bike, I <3 my bike, I really really REALLY love my bike!

but more of that later as I haven’t told you about last night’s little outing…

I’ve been suffering with a this stupid cold all week. It’s a bit of a weird one as I keep feeling okay in the evenings but rubbish in the daytime. I had planned on doing an audiofuel session on Friday lunchtime but canned that when I still felt lousy on Friday morning.


as has happened all week by the end of the aftern00n I felt a lot more human so decided that I’d do a short run from home once I got home. I knew that the small boy would be up for this as he’s always keen to get out on his bike (when he’s not doing this ———> along with the cat!)

We set off from home and headed up through the village, back down through the fields all the way to the bay and then back along the road to home. It was only 2.3 miles but was actually a pretty good run. As Elliot’s only got a little bike (with no gears!) and little legs he can’t get up all the hills so I end up doing hill repeats whilst he pushes to the top. Then I get a bit of interval training in after the downhills having to sprint to catch him up! It’s great running with him like that as I get my exercise done and for once don’t feel guilty about doing it thinking I should be with the family instead!

I’ve been very excited about today…..

I really wanted to pick up my bike last Saturday but the flippin certificate (for the cycle to work scheme) didn’t arrive in time so I couldn’t. I must admit that I was also very nervous. What if I’d committed to spend this money and then did 2 miles and hated it??!!! What if I was rubbish at riding and couldn’t stay on two wheels, couldn’t change gear and was a bit of a liability????

I needn’t have worried (well at least about the ‘hating’ bit). I bought this bike at cycletracks in Poole and they couldn’t have been more helpful this morning. I told them how nervous I was and the owners wer very patient. Explained about my gear changes etc and helped me set up a combination lock, fitted a drink bottle cage etc etc.  They also got in my good books for exclaiming about how different I looked in my 5 year old passport photo!

I had to take the lift out of the shopping centre which felt very weird. I stopped outside and fitted my lights, I figured putting the back one of ‘flash’ is a good idea whatever the weather. I started cycling and couldn’t believe how easy it felt compared to all my old hand me down heavy bikes that I’d had years ago. I had to stop and start a bit as I had to go through a subway and cross a busy road etc and didn’t feel confident enough to tackle the busy town roundabouts. I soon got going alongside the dual carriageway ….until I changed up on the front cog and made the chain come off….duh! I soon figured that I needed to do front cog changes when the rear cog wasn’t at either end of the scale. I don’t know if this is normal but think it must be!

The first few miles were on the cycle path alongside the road but then it goes off into the stony paths around Upton Country Park. It was nice to get a feel of what it’s like on the rougher ground and it didn’t disappoint. I was really glad that I managed to keep up a reasonable pace still. I thought that I might struggle on bumpier ground.

My first hill…..

…came next and I was dreading it but it actually wasn’t that bad, I even managed to overtake another cyclist on the way up and didn’t have to stop at all despite losing momentum at some traffic lights. About a mile later I overtook my second set of cyclists and soon after realised that I’d done that last hill in the top third of the gears too! At this point I was beaming like the village idiot. I hadn’t realised what a lot of fun I’d have on the bike. The only thing I was really missing was company. It does get a bit lonely out there on your own. Guess I’ll have to talk to myself a bit more!

  From there until about mile 12 was pretty straightforward. I felt good on the bike and the drivers that passed me were mostly pretty considerate. I did feel quite vulnerable though so was keeping a good eye on what was going on around me (I did feel like a wing mirror would be a good addition!!!)

Once I got to 12 miles though the fun REALLY started. NOT! That last 4 miles had nearly 1000 feet of elevations and it was bloomin exhausting! My legs were already a bit pooped from the previous miles so weren’t too pleased with me asking them to do more! I did have to get off and walk up the two worst hills and my poor bum was not pleased with me when I remounted at the top of them! Going downhill was pretty exciting though…..I think I’ll need a bit more arm protection before I go down full pelt!

Another bonus….

is that it DOES fit into the back of my car. If I put the back seats down and take the front wheel off the bike I can get it in. It takes a bit of wiggling and will be a challenge on my own but it is doable. That means that I can implement my plan of driving to Studland and riding from there! Hurray!!!!!

Right, I’d better get off to bed as I have a long run to do with club in the morning….

Hope you are all having good weekends? Have you tried anything new?


  1. Leeds Rob
    Sep 25, 2011

    Glad you’ve got the bike Rose.

    If you’re cycling at night a halogen head torch might be an idea.

    On Friday night just as I turned into our street I saw a mountain biking group that were heading home from a night ride all with halogen front lights and head torches – it was like something out of Close Encounters – and they were incredibly visible (far more than a car) as they had the lights at two levels.

    Plus they’re great for off road running at night…

  2. Hannah walker
    Sep 25, 2011

    Excellent! You’ve made me want to get my bike out now! Think I will plan a ride for next weekend 🙂

  3. Maria
    Sep 25, 2011

    You can get wing mirrors for bikes- I have seen them on bikes and always thought they seem like such a good idea.

  4. rose
    Sep 25, 2011

    Rob, i have a head torch I use for running in the winter (no street lights here!!) so will probably use that alongside my ‘oh so bright’ smart lights.

    Maria – I do fancy one but don’t want to look like an eejit, especially now I might be tempted into doing a duathlon!

    cool Hannah! Go for it, Jake would love it xxx