I’m a rubbish blogger at the moment but I do have some good excuses, the first one is that I’ve been far too busy having fun and the second is that I’ve been poorly (but I’m better now!). The end of July and August are always extremely busy and I really struggle to keep up the exercise levels but there’s certainly not a lot of sitting around doing nowt either!

Since my last post I’ve been pretty hectic so I’ll do a very quick recap on what I’ve been up to……


I did the Swanage Carnival 4. This was my first attempt at running since the aborted run the previous Sunday so I had no idea if I was going to make it round, or even past the first 100 yards! I didn’t care about pace, position or anything else…I just wanted to complete it.

The race is run on a route that the running club regularly use and I HATE it. I can never run the whole thing, there are a few hills but they aren’t that bad so I don’t know why I hate it so much. I think it’s that I normally try and do it too fast so end up knackered and walking and frustrated. Sooo, I decided that as I couldn’t try for pace I would try and run the whole thing without stopping instead (knee allowing of course!). I wore my knee support and as I said on my last post my knee didn’t let me down, my knee loving mantra and my steady pace got me all the way round AND I didn’t walk at all..hurray!!! It was slow but that didn’t matter one jot. After the run I had a lovely swim with Tish from my running club. We were so busy nattering in the water that we didn’t notice how far out we’d got and had to swim back in against the tide!


No formal exercise but we did have a very lovely walk up onto the top of Ballard Down at Swanage. We met up with a big bunch from running club and had a yummy (and a bit boozy!) picnic whilst watching the Red Arrows display. We then walked back down and moshed the night away in the carnival marquee. Nice. We got home at around 11.30pm, I had another big glass of wine (mistake!) and we finally got to bed at around 1am……unfortunately I was woken up at 2am by Grace being sick. Yeuck…..poor girlie was sick all night from then so neither of us got any more sleep.


In the morning I had to head out on errands to buy all the bbq stock for the Outdoor production in Kimmeridge Bay that we help with each year. Elliot and I just got out of the village and he threw up all over the front of the car. Nice again….. Home, deposit sick child with other sick child, clean up car, head out again! I did a quick Davina Kick Fit session in the afternoon and then spent the evening feeding the hungry masses down at the bay.



Lie in!!!! Hurray! Both kids were fine by Saturday evening so we were able to be quite busy on Sunday. I had a bit of a run following Elliot on his bike down to the bay and back. He’s still getting used to riding without his stabilisers but that doesn’t slow him down any. Does increased adrenaline mean that I burnt more calories?? I certainly needed to as after an afternoon pottering in the garden I couldn’t be bothered to cook and we ended up having a very naughty (but yummy!) chinese. I went to bed really early as I had a splitting headache and felt absolutely shattered.


I woke up at around 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I was hot and cold and generally fed up that I couldn’t sleep. I ended up reading and finally falling back to sleep about half an hour before the alarm went off. When I got up I felt really rubbish so I took some ibuprofen before heading off to work. The tablets did the trick so I set off on my lunchtime 5k as planned. It went okay but I still felt really wiped out and my legs just didn’t want to move very fast. In the afternoon I felt so tired that I think if I’d put my head on my desk I would’ve been snoring in about 5 minutes! I went home and just crashed on the sofa. Unfortunately I had to go out again as I had a committee meeting that I was chairing so I got through that as fast as possible and then just went home and to bed. Again I couldn’t sleep well though as I had a horrid aching sensation in my lower back.


I still felt pretty lousy when I woke up but I hoped that an ibuprofen would do the trick so went off to work. It didn’t really work. I still felt rubbish! So home and straight onto the sofa for me! I still had the lower back pain so was glugging water in the hope I could flush whatever it was out. I was really worried that I had a kidney infection by this point.


Off to the docs for me! Luckily my kidneys were okay and he just put it down to a virus but said I should go back if still felt rough in a week. I was only really wanting clarity on my kidneys so was happy with that. As it was the one doctor at Wareham that I trust not to tell me to stop running I also got him to look at my knee. He thinks there is probably a rough bit behind my kneecap that just catches occasionally – exacerbated by the offroad running that I do. He advised that I should keep up with the physio to minimise any sideways movement, up my core work to help too and NOT to see an orthopaedic surgeon as they would want to do an operation to ‘tidy’ it up which could do more harm. He said it’s a matter of weighing up what is best for me at the moment and that if it was him he’d stick with what is working for me now. I’m really pleased I saw him as it backed up what I was already thinking AND what my physio told me back in March/April. At least I know that I’m not crippling myself!

I had taken my running stuff with me to work in the hope that I’d miraculously feel better by the end of the day and be able to go to running club. I kept hoping all afternoon….by 5.30pm I had to give myself a talking to and accept that it would be daft to go. I just went home and crashed out again but actually got a really good night’s sleep and felt much better when I woke up this morning.


I was so pleased to feel human again this morning! I shoved all my running gear in my bag and decided that if I felt up to it I’d finally get round to trying out the new Audiofuel Adrenaline Junkie 2 session.

It rocked! It deserves it’s whole own post so I’ll save it for tomorrow!

It’s operation ‘sortthehouseout’ in chez moi tomorrow. The kids are REALLY excited about that as you can imagine. Lovely way to use my day off but it’s got to be done…. hope you’ve all got lovely weekends planned. Anyone racing?


  1. Sarah
    Aug 13, 2011

    I’m glad you saw a more helpful doctor this time 🙂
    It sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun this week!