It’s a tale of three halves this evening (maths never was my strong point!)

Last Thursday I had toothache 🙁 Well actually I had it on Wednesday too but I was doing that “if I don’t acknowledge it to myself it might go away” thing. Luckily I already had an appointment booked for a checkup for Friday but Thursday was a very very long day as it was really sore. I hate the way that toothache really invades everywhere in your face! I was quite worried that the dentist would say it needed root canal work as it’s a previously filled tooth. Luckily he didn’t say that but he did say something else that shocked me. He asked me if I was still running as apparently “you don’t look as slim as last time I saw you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cheek!!!! The nurse and I just looked at each other in disbelief whilst I uttered a ‘how ruuuuuuuuude’. Anyway, he filled my tooth but said he didn’t know if it would work as the tooth is a bit loose. It’s still sore today (3 days later) so I’m a bit worried that it should have settled down by now. I’m back to the head in the sand approach so we’ll see what happens! As a result of the tooth issues I didn’t do my planned run on Friday lunchtime and  I couldn’t do it later as we went out to celebrate my friend Paula’s 100 mile run We had a fantastic night in the Black Swan in Swanage. I’ve never been there before but will definitely be back as the food was incredible. 

On Saturday I was feeling slightly delicate (I really can’t imagine why????) so the kids and I went down to Fortes to meet everyone after their run (although there were quite a few non runners there!). We treated ourselves to crispy bacon baps…mmmmmmmmmmm.

I spent much of the evening trying to decide where to go on my run on Sunday morning and how far to go. My plan said 15 miles but I was a bit wary about pushing my luck with the mileage after the 20 the week before. I know that lots of people know out high mileage week after high mileage week without any trouble but I’m paranoid about overuse type injuries, especially after the shin splint. I had to laugh when I was discussing it with a friend and said “I don’t know whether to do the 15 or just do 12 or 13″…..since when did 12 miles become ‘just’!!!!????

I was busy trying to work out routes but my computer crashed so I went to bed instead. On Sunday I got up at 6am so that I could eat and get out to run by 8am, however, as is often the case when I’m running on my own, I had a few problems getting my butt into gear so I didn’t leave the house until nearly 8.30am and even then I didn’t really know where I was going to start from or what route I was going to do. I eventually decided to go to the forest and do 2 laps of the 6 mile route that I did a couple of weeks ago. I got as far as the carpark and then realised that I just wasn’t motivated enough to do two laps of anything. I needed to pick a one lap route so that I couldn’t stop half way round. It may sound daft but I know what my head does to me!

I eventually decided to see how far down the River Frome I could run. I parked a couple of miles away from the river and set off. It really was a gorgeous morning, such a bonus as the forecast had promised rain, rain and more rain.

I thought it might be possible to follow the river all the way down to Arne Nature reserve but unfortunately the path runs out after only about a mile. I ran around the boat yard a bit trying to find another path but eventually gave up and took to the roads. It was fairly quiet still but the few cars that did come past on their way to the RSPB reserve didn’t seem to want to slow down OR give me any room when they passed. So annoying and so unnecessary.

When I got to the Arne RSPB nature reserve the paths were very well signposted so I was able to follow a clearly marked loop. It did occur to me after a few minutes that perhaps people who were bird watching might not appreciate a lumbering, panting, noisy runner disturbing the birds…oops….after that I kept a look out for other people and slowed to a walk if they showed any sign of actually watching rather than just walking.

I haven’t been to Arne for years and I’ll definitely be going back with the kids and the binoculars as I’d forgotten how lovely it is there. After my loop I headed back to the river, through town and back to the car. I’d only done 11.5 when I got back to the car so I carried on past it so that I could get nearer to 12 miles. I didnt’ quite make 12 miles but it was still a good run and I was pleased that nothing was aching too much (apart from my mouth!).

It was a good job that I earnt 1350 calories as we went to Clavell’s in Kimmeridge for a very lovely lunch (eating out twice in the same weekend…..get us!!!) I had smoked salmon on a beetroot rosti with honey and lemon creme fraiche to start, followed up with roast beef and all the trimmings and finally finished off with a delicious hazelnut meringue. Mmmmmmmm. It was all washed down with a rather nice red too. We got back from there and Elliot immediately declared that we should go for a bike ride….bleurgh….I had to drag my full stomach down to the bay and back up through the fields. Not fast but I swear that riding up hills at Elliot pace is harder than going at mine.

So to my other ‘ouches’…..

my lovely Shock Absorber run bra rubbed my back raw yesterday 🙁 I don’t know if it’s because it is old because it’s never happened before. I didn’t even realise until I scrubbed my back with my Soap & Glory body scrub. Ouch!

My other ouch is still my poor toes. 2 of them were sort of numb after the 20 miler and whilst 1 has improved the other one really hasn’t. I realised today that it has a massive blister under the nail and that is why it is so sore. I’d forgotten that this happened to the same toe after London last year. I don’t think the nail will make the marathon this year…one less to lose afterwards I guess! I really don’t know why that nail is so susceptible, perhaps the toe is a bit longer? I just wish that the blister would properly pop as it’s very very sore right now!!!



  1. Maria
    Mar 20, 2012

    OOh poor you, you have been in the wars. I understand your thoughts on the loop running too- I much prefer to go on one long route than multiple laps, because at least on the longer lap every step takes you closer to home.

  2. Errign
    Mar 29, 2012

    The last time I got a blister under one of my toes, my nail fell off – best of luck with your ouchies!

  3. Pip
    Apr 09, 2012

    Does your dentist need new front teeth – how rude! It’s all that toned muscle from running, bike rides etc……… Arne is sooooo lovely – down there with family not that long ago – keep up the good work – still love reading your blogs xx. Pip

  4. Paula (Gadget girl!)
    Apr 12, 2012

    Rose, I’m with you on the toenails.I have 3 completely missing now – such a glamourous sport!! I’m lucky though that mine have never hurt, even when severely bruised – probably would with a blister underneath though!
    Oooh – nearly there now girlie, how exciting! I reckon you’re def on for a PB!!

  5. MANDY
    Apr 12, 2012

    Hi Rose

    Are you still running the marathon this year? How’s training going??

  6. Bobbi
    Apr 17, 2012

    I think Rose is too busy training to update the blog!

    (Rose’s mum)