I’ve been a bit poorly…. poor me! I don’t know what’s up but a friend that has the same said it’s like a sleeping sickness and I can only best describe it as like a stonking hangover without the nice bit of the alcohol at the beginning!

I’m feeling a lot better now. I have missed my planned Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions but not a lot I can do about that and the philosophical bit of me says at least that’s the taper illness done (I hope!!!) I’ve still managed to do some physio and that is the probably the most important thing at the moment

The good news is…..

that my fundraising is really getting there now. I’m up to £1811 without the giftaid and £2152 with (it’s okay to count it as part of my total – right??????)

I’m totally overwhelmed by the support I’ve had via sponsorship and it is definitely going to help get me round. I heard today about a little boy who doesn’t have long left to live and was confidently able to tell them to get in touch with Starlight. I know that if there is anything they can do to make his last few weeks better then they will.

On a lighter note….

…. I’ve been worrying a little about what I need to take with me on the marathon and how to carry it all. I’ve come up with a final list that comprises; compeed blister plasters, ibuprofen, imodium, electrolyte tablets, phone, money and gels.

I have an arm carrier for the phone and a small pocket on my trousers for the money, tablets and plasters which just left the gels to worry about.  I really didn’t want to have to buy a bumbag as I’m sure I wouldn’t use it much. I looked at specific gel carriers but they are all really expensive for what they are so….. I looked at what was available and decided to make my own. It really was very easy, take one gel and one length of wide elastic, measure the size of loop required, decide how many gels you need, sew required number of loops, wrap around arm for sizing….cut and sew! Perfect. I’ve designed it to go over the top of my phone arm band so that the elastic doesn’t dig in. I’ll test it on a training run but it seems pretty good so far. I’m also going to cover any sharp edges on the gels with micropore tape just to make sure that they don’t rub my arm. Fingers crossed that it works!

I had another physio session today……..

I’ve felt pretty good since my long run on Sunday but did have to do some fairly serious foam rollering last night as I could feel tightness coming on at the top of my thighs…either hip flexor or ITB tightness….

The good news is that my legs were much less painful than on my last intensive session, my knee was also only sore on one side. The bad news is that the sore side was VERY sore. It’s still painful now even though I’ve put Ibuprofen gel on it AND taken ibuprofen too. I’m getting used to being sore after physio though and I almost enjoy it now as I know that it means I’ll feel looser tomorrow!

Right, need to get to bed, I was supposed to be having an early night!


  1. Maria
    Apr 01, 2011

    Clever idea with the do it yourself 🙂
    And yeah you can count gift aid- when you have raised that much the gift aid is also a big chunk

  2. AlisonM
    Apr 01, 2011

    Argh, crap that you’ve been ill! 🙁 There seems to be a lot going round at the moment. All these marathoners passing each other their phantom taper illnesses 😉

    I am impressed you made your own gel carrier too! Very inventive. I bought a small SIS pouch, but it probably cost about £12 (can’t remember) — you’re right, it’s a total rip-off for what it is.

    Congrats on the fundraising too. I’m sorry I can’t give any more, but you seem to be doing an excellent job drumming up support!

  3. marathondan
    Apr 02, 2011

    Yes totally count the Gift Aid! Congratulations on the fantastic total!

    As you say – good to have got the illness out of the way a few weeks in advance. Your body has sneaked in a bit of extra rest.

    Well done also on the gel strap construction. An alternative is to safety pin them to your shorts – but this may result in stab wounds, as I’ve found in the past.

  4. Maria
    Apr 03, 2011

    Hey thanks for your comment 🙂
    I do trust the Nike+, but even if it is 1% out, on a longer run that will add up to more metres. But when I mapped it it was 18.5, and as I run around a park etc it is hard to map out exactly where I run.
    As for the electrolytes, thanks for that offer. I do have nuun in my water (“electrolyte enhanced sports drink tabs) and I do find it helps. Also the clif bloks have stuff like that in them. But I would be interested to see what you try and how you get on (and if you have any left over after your marathon then I will swap some for some cookies or something like that).x

  5. Lorn Pearson
    Apr 04, 2011

    Great minds think alike Rose! I got a gel belt made too!! 🙂


  6. Mandy
    Apr 04, 2011

    Hi Rose

    I was in touch with you on weightlossresources – hope you’re feeling better soon and I just wanted to say you’ve inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and do more than a 10k. Did my first 10 mile race yesterday in a great time. Good luck for the marathon – a friend of mine is running too so I’ll be there somewhere cheering everyone on x

  7. rose
    Apr 05, 2011

    Glad you like my DIY….not as posh as your’s Lorn but it’ll certainly do the job. Am also intending to put micropore tape over the sharp corners on the gels just in case they rub!

    Hey Mandy! So glad to hear that you pushed it to a 10 miler AND enjoyed it! Summer half marathon perhaps????