VMLM 2015Only 7 weeks to go until the ‘BIG’ day. Virgin Money London Marathon 2015. It suddenly seems really close and I am not ready but then I think about how much progress I’ve made in the last 7 weeks and I panic a bit less. I think that my hopes of going for sub 5 might still be a bit ambitious but I’ll keep aiming for that and see what happens.

I’ve done a full weekly summary below but I want to tell you about my running weekend as it was brilliant!

11014980_10153078720455428_8717381584344224908_nPoole parkrun pacing event

This Saturday Poole parkrun held one of its regular pacing events. We haven’t been along to one of these before so we were keen to give it a go. Elliot because he fancied a new PB and me because I keep on telling him not to go out so fast and he doesn’t listen (I’m just his Mum – why would he!?) His PB (37:49) was set just before Christmas but he’s struggled to do it again since then. We generally get to about a mile in without any walking and then he needs to run/walk from there on. He keeps quite a good pace doing this – I count to 10 (quite quickly) for the walking sections and to 25 for the runs (a bit slower!!). However, I really wanted to him to appreciate how much easier it is to just keep a steady pace.

He didn’t have the earliest of nights Friday so I was a bit worried that he’d be a bit overtired but he’s always up bright and early so we decided to give it a go and just see what happened with no pressure if he was under target pace. We duly found the 37 minute pacer and off we went! Elliot was really surprised at how easy it was to run at the target pace, he didn’t get a stitch and he could happily chat away, we’d soon passed by the model boat lake where he normally starts needing to walk and he was still going very strong. It was lovely to see him enjoying it so much and feeling so confident – especially as we started catching people and passing them and still he was going strong! He was actually really disappointed when we got to 2.75 miles (there is a slight incline there) and he started to run out of energy. He had a quick walk and then a sprint to catch back up with the pacer – she was doing a brilliant job of staying right on pace whilst shouting back encouragement to him to keep going. 11043216_10153078718120428_821125415401311263_nThe last quarter of a mile was really tough for Elliot, he’d worked so hard all the way round to get his PB and he thought it was slipping away and started to get a bit upset. However he was getting loads of encouragement, especially from a young girl who was spent ages egging him on. With about 100 metres to go he dug really deep and sprinted for the line with cheers all the way! Official finish time 36:11 – a massive PB! Poor Elliot really had given his all though, he was chuffed to bits with his PB but then promptly burst into tears and said he thought his head would burst! Luckily a bacon sandwich and a Freddo frog sorted that out. The encouragement at parkrun really is incredible, it’s an amazing community and I’m so pleased that we got involved. If you’ve never given one a go then I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I’d also recommend having a determined and amazing son …. it doesn’t half make you smile all day!

Purbeck Runners Moreton Out and About

10606329_10153082130935428_5014975175067762407_nPurbeck runners normally run from Swanage for our ‘long run’ Sunday but we try to have an ‘out and about’ run quite regularly too. This Sunday we met at Moreton, near Wool. There are some lovely routes around here and funnily enough a rather handily placed tearooms! 16 people showed up so plenty of us to scare the wildlife!

From Moreton we headed straight across the ford and onto the trails and from there on in I was pretty much lost! For some reason I always lose my sense of direction when we are over this way so I was very pleased that Mike was leading as he seems to know nearly every path and track within a 30 mile radius of his house! I know that we went through both Throop and Briantspuddle – both very pretty little villages and then got back off road. We had a bit of a cow close encounter (they were very excited and bouncy – we were very cautious!), we thought we were separated by an electric fence but it turned out that the end of it was open and they could go wherever they liked! I’m not scared of cows but I’m very aware of how quickly they can get silly, especially when a lot of bouncy dayglo figures (with 2 dogs) disrupt their peace and quiet! We also had the pleasure of a very muddy stretch of path. Tim was wearing brand new off roaders and it would have been very wrong for those to get to the end and not be mud coloured! Luckily shortly afterwards we were back at the ford so both muddy dogs and muddy shoes had a good paddle and emerged much cleaner.

1012095_10153082132010428_7371067798888550575_nWhen we got back to the cars we’d only done 6.25 miles and my plan said that I needed to do 8 miles (and no way was I going to jeopardise my 100% jantastic!) so I decided that I’d just do an out and back on the road to make it up. Mike B said he’d come with me and we were soon distracted by the sight of an obelisk poking from behind the trees! It would’ve been rude not to go and investigate so we did.. It was really pretty in the woods around it and we saw a massive hare and then an equally massive bird of prey that I haven’t yet managed to identify. It was a similar size to a Buzzard but it’s call was a long drawn out ‘keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek’ which is very different to any noise that I’ve heard a Buzzard make. More investigations needed! All in all it was a really lovely run and I got my 8 miles in so am still very much ‘on plan’! I have to say that I wasn’t particularly impressed with the tearooms, they weren’t particularly welcoming (we had booked ahead) and didn’t even have semi-skimmed milk for the coffees so I had to have mine black! Another great morning and route though and one I’d definitely like to revisit in the summer when the villages are even prettier.

What have I done this week?

Monday – Rest Day (hurray!!!), although I did sneak in quick walk at lunchtime to stop my legs seizing up

Tuesday – 1.5 miles walked at lunchtime. CXXX Day 3 – Melt and Shred. This was a cardio plus core HIIT session. 55 mins plus a 20ish minutes of warm up and cool down. The focus for this was burning fat (yes please), flattening the belly (double yes please) and sculpting the abs (which will be nice if you can ever see mine!). I do love a good session with weights – it definitely makes me feel hard core! (I’d skipped day 3 last week when I thought a full on HIIT session would be too much too close to my longer run). We are now working through the CXXX workouts for the second time so it’s really interesting to see/feel the difference in my abilities. I was definitely able to put much more into it this time and managed to hold side planks for nearly the full time this time (last time I couldn’t do it all on my right side!).

Wednesday – 1.5 miles walked at lunchtime. Purbeck Runners club night. I thought briefly about trying to hang onto the back of Tish’s group but then saw that there were loads of fast runners already lined up so I went with Kayleigh instead and had a brilliant run with her group. Not too hilly this week so the pace stayed quite fast (for me!) and I was actually able to do a bit of looping which felt really good. Kayleigh really pushed us on the last little bit too so we ended up with our fastest split up the last hill back to the pub. We were really pleased with our overall pace of 10:06 over nearly 5 miles. That would have been a pretty much impossible dream for me at the beginning of the year so hopefully a good indicator that the training is paying off.

Thursday – 1.5 miles lunchtime walk. CXXX Day 6 – The Detonator!. Detonator by name and detonator by nature. I did! Wowzers, I don’t think that I’ve ever sweated so much in one 35 minute period. This is a HIIT session focussing on speed and explosive power so there are very few breaks and everything is full on! I could really feel the difference from the first time I did it and even managed to add the extra section that I’d had to skip last time. I definitely earnt my duck breast dinner!

Friday – No walk at lunchtime as I had to got back to Up and Running to try and complete my mission to get shoes suitable for the marathon. Hopefully this time I have succeeded! Came away with a very pretty pair of Saucony Guide 8s and they even match my club vest. Bonus! Had a really good session at Tri Club. Warm up – run drills – 6 laps at 10k pace and then 4 at 5k – cool down. Total of 3 miles – interval lap times were pretty consistent throughout – did all of them at my max rather than being a bit slower in the 10k laps! Oops – must try and do as instructed but when you are the slowest there it’s hard to go slower and be even further behind! We had a lovely dinner in All Stars afterwards, their food really is most excellent!

Saturday – Poole parkrun pacing event with Elliot and then a leisurely bike ride (mostly off road) in the afternoon.

Sunday – Moreton Out and About with Purbeck Runners – 8 miles. 2.5 mile walk and bimble along the beach in the afternoon (after a very long soak in the bath)

In other news I lost another 3lb this week, taking me up to 22lb since Christmas and 52% of my total loss target! However, I also did my 4 weekly measure and the results were very interesting. My waist is now only 1 inch bigger than it was when I was at my goal weight even though I am currently 22lb heavier than I was then. I’m very aware that the scales aren’t the whole picture and I’m starting to wonder if I’m carrying more muscle than before now and perhaps I won’t need to lose quite as much as I did then. This latest loss also means that I’m now within 11lb of the target weight that I set for London and with 7 weeks to go losing that isn’t an impossible dream…….

The plan for next week….

Monday – Lunchtime walk. Rest Day

Tuesday – PT Session – Full body HIIT and lower body power

Wednesday – Tempo run at club 4 – 5 miles

Thursday – PT Session – Arms/Shoulders/Core HIIT

Friday – Tri Club run training

Saturday – Probably an extra rest day to prepare for Sunday! Will do at least a walk though.

Sunday – Larmer Tree 20. An offroad, hilly race with loads of my running besties. Should be lots of fun!

Have a great week!


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Mar 10, 2015

    Well done Elliot! Excellent work!
    I agree, I love the support at parkruns, they are very special indeed.
    You have such beautiful scenery to run through too.

  2. Hannah
    Mar 10, 2015

    Oh bless Elliot! I know that head burst feeling. Your blogs always make me want to start running again!