Despite my run in with a shopping trolley on Friday night my knee felt okay on Saturday morning so I thought I’d go to the gym as planned and do a long ‘run’ on the elliptical (i.e. don’t hold onto the bars so it replicates running as closely as possible!). I’d been fine with that on Wednesday night so had no reason to believe that that wouldn’t be the case on Saturday.

However, by 35 mins my knee started to feel sore again so I thought I’d take a break but when I stopped I realised that it was a lot worse than I thought. I had worn the dreaded new shoes again so maybe that was a contributing factor but I really don’t know. It’s sooooo incredibly frustrating to have even that taken away. How on earth can I maintain my fitness now? The knee is still really sore if I do anything other than walk. Yesterday I had to slightly speed up to catch my son before he fell off his bike and I got the stabbing pains as soon as I did it.

A friend from running club has lent me a knee support to try (like this one)….. I know they are not a good idea in the long term but if it could just get me through till after the marathon then I think it’s worth a go!

For this week though I think that I will not do anything that involves my knee doing more than it absolutely has to. So no elliptical, no squats, no lunges….. I’ll continue with my core and upper body stuff and ‘twitching’ the vastus medialis to try and strengthen it. I’ll also take my ibuprofen regularly and ice my knee for 20 mins every 3 hours. I’d be very grateful to hear any other suggestions  and/or thoughts on the knee support idea…..

Yesterday was the Lytchett 10

which is one of our club championship races. I was supposed to racing but obviously couldn’t so my son and I decided to go and cheer along all the runners. I always love the support from the club so it seems it’s my turn to provide some of that! I was also pretty interested to see what people who can run 10 miles in under an hour actually look like……I am disappointed to report that I didn’t see anyone wearing tights with pants over the top despite what I expected…….

The first Purbeck Runner back was Hamish Murray who did it in 1:04 – 26th overall but 1st in his category (M 55+).  The first Purbeck lady back was the lovely Tracy Byrom (seen in my picture virtually flying over the line with a HUGE grin on her face) – she did it in 1:10 – 8th Overall and 3rd in her category (FS). I have to say that I am totally in awe of these guys. I just can’t imagine being able to sustain that sort of pace for 10 miles (especially seeing as the first 3 were uphill and there was another long uphill at mile 6).

I was totally gutted not to be running but I did enjoy my spectating and I can’t say that I was particularly sorry to miss out on the very lurid orange fleece beanie hat that was the reward for finishing! Swanage is surely going to be a more colourful place on a Wednesday night now!

It was also very interesting to wander around the school grounds as this was my senior school but I don’t think I’ve been there for about 20 years! I must say that it’s had a lot of work done over those years and is a very lovely site. It was always a great setting but the new buildings give it a very ‘campus’ style feeling.

My son thought it was pretty cool there….especially when we went off and explored down the school drive!


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Feb 21, 2011

    Oh sorry to hear that your knee is no better. Can you get an appointment to have it looked at properly? Not sure how you go about these things.
    Well done for cheering everyone on- I will join you in being in awe- some people are just so speedy- I am hapy being the tortoise though, someone has to be!
    Love the pic of your son too.
    Hope you sort your knee soon

  2. Bobbi
    Feb 21, 2011

    I spose it wouldn’t hurt to try the NHS? X rays, scan, whatever. And some swimming may be to keep fit? I’m sure you’ll be better for the marathon if you don’t push it when it’s hurting.

  3. AlisonM
    Feb 23, 2011

    I hope you got to gp swimming today. At least that will keep your head sane 🙂 Other than what you’re doing though, I can’t think of anything else to suggest. The icing / ibuprofen will get rid of the inflammation. Then once that has gone down, you can hopefully go back to the exercises and the elliptical. I guess just take it a few days at a time, and don’t look too far ahead. That brings you back to big-picture “will I be able to run it” thinking, which is just stressing you out. So eyes on the road directly in front of you I say 🙂

    And what a great race! It’s actually really interesting to read this from the point of view of a spectator. Seriously impressed by that picture of Tracy too. Look at her go!

  4. rose
    Feb 23, 2011

    You’d be even more impressed if you could see her chatting whilst she runs like that!

  5. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Feb 25, 2011

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    Its the nakd and trek homepage and you can order direct (free postage too)- the offer is on the main page 🙂