roadrunner exhaustedIt’s been another very busy training week, my fullest yet and I really am shattered!

I’ve done the best weekly mileage for a long while and I’m now very much looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and I think my legs are looking forward to it even more than my head is!

What have I done?

It really has been a very busy week but also a very positive one; when you actually start seeing results from your training it’s so much easier to give it your all.

Monday  – Rest day – thank goodness! (Still did a two mile walk at lunchtime to stretch my legs). 9578 steps.

Tuesday – 2 mile lunchtime walk, 2.5 mile recovery run as a warm up for  CXXX – Becca Boomtime Arms and Chest – A strength session for upper body using weights and body weight. 12221 steps.

Wednesday – Tempo run at Running Club – 5.6 hilly and tough miles. Loved it! On Wednesday nights we have to run around the streets in Swanage so it’s always a hilly run and this week we had two groups together so there were quite a few faster runners which kept the pace up a bit. I’m not saying I didn’t struggle (because I did!) but it’s really nice to feel like I’m not holding everyone up at last. Thank you Kayleigh!!! 16599 steps.

Thursday – Full on CXXX PT session – 15 mins Warm Up, 58 mins Swing, Sweat and Sexify! – Full body HIIT (50secs effort/20 secs recovery) using swings for the cardio element, 15 mins cool down. Another very enjoyable session but by the end of it my arms were literally shaking from the effort and by Friday morning my pecs were screaming at me and I could hardly hold the hair dryer up to blow dry my hair! 9365 steps (should’ve done those last 700!!!)

Friday – 1.8 mile lunchtime walk – walked to meet my sister on the prom then nattered too much and had to jog on the way back! Then in the evening another good session of run training with TriPurbeck. We started with 3 laps of warm up (0.18 miles each), then as per normal we had a circuits session with 10 different exercises to do – all designed to help with running form. After that we had to pair up with a runner of similar ability for a tag competition where you take it in turns to do a lap in your pair and try and beat the number of total laps from last time.  Clare and I managed 16 in total this time which I think is 1 better than our last attempt and worked out at about a 1:19 average lap time (7:26 lap pace) which I’m very happy with! Finished up with a laps cool down then rushed home, bathed, washed hair and went to the pub for much hilarity with some very funny peeps to say Au Revoir to a lovely friend who is off to Australia for 6 weeks. I think I must have burnt about a zillion calories laughing! We didn’t get home till quite late and I didn’t get to sleep until about 1.30am. Far too late for someone who is getting up at 7am! 15760 steps.

16411404245_720263dd1b_oSaturday – Park Run with Elliot – a tough run for him, we haven’t been for a while and he struggled, especially for the middle mile but then he concentrated on his post race deluxe hot chocolate and bacon bap and flew round the last mile! After Park Run we went to Up and Running to get me new running shoes but there weren’t any that were quite right so I came away empty handed and sulky! Elliot got a new bike this week (he’s been saving since May!) so in the afternoon we went out for a test ride. Only 3ish miles but quite hilly and bumpy and my poor bum has got unused to the saddle over the last couple of months! Then in the afternoon Grace and I went to a TriPurbeck Body conditioning class and she didn’t hate it!!! It was a great session, lots of core work (my stomach muscles can attest to that today!) and actually quite a bit of leg work too. Hopefully she’ll be up for going again because it was great to do something active together. 22257 steps.

1012988_10153000932140428_796598315587649316_nSunday – The alarm went off at 7am again and I was very tempted to just turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep – I stretched and turned over and could feel that my legs were a bit stiff but I knew that once I got going they’d probably feel better and I’d much rather do 10 miles with friends than lie in, feel guilty and do it on my own later on! So up I got, ate breakfast, stretched and rollered, got dresssed and headed to Swanage to meet up with everyone. Quite a lot of people were off doing The Blackmore Vale half so there were only a select few of us. We’d already planned a route a few days before but Tim sensibly suggested reversing the route so that the wind would be behind us on the most exposed section of the run. I won’t pretend that I didn’t struggle. I could definitely feel the weeks mileage and PT in my legs and by the last mile my legs were protesting quite vehemently but I really really enjoyed today. It was bitterly cold and I was very glad that I’d put two long sleeved layers on – I think that’s probably the first time ever that I’ve done that and kept it on for more than 5 minutes! When we got back to the Mowlem my garmin said 9.98 miles so I had to carry on and get that 0.02 done – can’t leave it there! 23879 steps so far.

Recap – Another really good week in the bag. Yes, I’m tired but I expect to be and I have a rest day to look forward to tomorrow but I’m really pleased that I’m still feeling good and again feeling like it’s another week of improvement. 2.5lb off this week and 12 weeks to go until the big day!!!!!!

Plans for this week….

Franks Tank ReversedMonday
– Rest day, just a lunchtime walk to make sure my legs don’t seize up!

Tuesday – Lunchtime walk, 2.5 mile recovery run as a warm up for the PT session (Legs and Core HIIT)

Thursday – Lunchtime walk, PT session (Chest, Shoulders, Biceps and Abs)

Friday – Lunchtime walk, TriPurbeck run training

Saturday – Possibly Park run (depending on how Elliot feels), then either CXXX PT or Tri Purbeck Core session

Sunday – Long run

So, another busy week but perfectly achievable. I must just work a bit harder on getting enough sleep as I’m not very good at sleeping at the moment and I know it’s important both for my training and for losing weight.

Finally, a little reminder that I’m trying to raise money for Forest Holme Hospice. My fundraising page is here and I’d be very grateful for every single pound.



  1. Cheryl
    Feb 02, 2015

    Another great blog Rose! Missed this on Facebook and only found it now as I was looking to pinch your picture of that swiss ball thing you did. Glad I did! Looking good for London x

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Feb 02, 2015

    Well done!
    So lovely that you are getting your kids so active as well. 🙂
    You are so right about the sleep- that is what I need to focus on too, but things just get in the way!