Well what a weekend I’ve had! I’m still full of this flipping cold and dosing up on every remedy I can think of but it certainly hasn’t held me back. My glowing nose would make Rudolph jealous though!

On Friday I was very careful to make sure that I drank lots and lots of water and continued the weeks trend of trying to keep my carb intake fairly high. I did succumb to a bit of comfort food though, a jacket potato with cheese and beans is just what a ‘feeling sorry for me’ Rose needed for Friday lunch. I made a quick pasta dish for dinner, wholemeal pasta twists with a Lloyd Grossman Red Pepper sauce and a tonne of sweetcorn stirred in. Minimum effort, maximum taste = my kinda food!

I had a 15 mile run planned for Saturday. Mike was working in the morning so I had to leave it until after he got home to go which was a bit tough. I spent most of the morning dreading the run! Mike then was a bit late back and I had a mad dash to get to Wareham before Carol got fed up with waiting for me!

We finally set off from Wareham, firstly a boring bit along the bypass and then a prettier bit along the same back lanes to Wool that I ran on my LSR last week. The boring bit sped by though as we were so busy chatting. It was lovely to run with Carol, she runs with my group at club and is a very experience runner and it’s great to hear about all the different events she’s done in the past. We both wanted to run a very steady pace as this was about getting the distance done and feeling strong rather than trying to push for a good time.  As it happens we did quite a reasonable pace most of the time and the slower splits (see right) mostly came when we had to stop to cross the road or when we were a bit lost!! (all the best runs involve a bit of exploring don’t they!?!?)

We covered the first five miles before I’d even really thought about them, I felt really good and totally forgot that I intended to take my first gel after 30 mins (another piece of wisdom from my nutrition book) and ended up taking it after 50 minutes. This worked out fine though as I didn’t flag before it took effect. From the lanes we crossed through the little village of East Holme (across the ford), over the river, across the main road and then through a little bit of woody heathland behind the houses on Puddletown rd. It was a bit hard to find how to get to the road at this point. Not helped by the fact that one of Carol’s contact lenses had gone totally cloudy and I didn’t have any in at all, talk about the blind leading the blind!

We eventually found the way through to the road and did the 3 mile trudge along Puddletown Rd (I swear that road gets longer every time I run it!), we then turned right and headed down the hill to Hyde towards some better scenery. Neither of us had been that way for years and we had to do a bit of guesswork (and a bit of backtracking) to find the path we wanted to get us through to Wareham forest. We then ran around the edge of the forest back towards Wareham. It was a bit soggy in places and my new running shoes (on their first outing!) got well and truly christened in the bog of eternal stench! Poor Carol was feeling really sick by this point, being able to see properly out of one eye and barely at all out of the other does not make running on uneven ground at all easy. We decided to get back to the road and run on that as that would be a bit easier for her to judge. By this time the light was starting to fade a bit too and it wasn’t getting any easier for Carol to see so she decided to call her husband to come and pick her up. Luckily they don’t live too far away so he arrived quite quickly but it was such a shame that we couldn’t finish the run together as we’d got so far and so close to the end. I forgot to mention that I took an imodium before I even started the run as I did NOT want a repeat of the stomach panics I had on last weekends long run.

(The pictures that you are now seeing are of the race that I did today, not yesterdays long run!)

At 14 miles I realised that I was still feeling really strong, we hadn’t had to walk at all (apart from the times we were trying to work out where we were!) and I decided to speed up for the final mile. I was really chuffed when I managed to do it in 9:51 and that included having to run up and down the road by my car a couple of times to make the magic 15 exactly. The funny thing was that it was only after I stopped that I remembered that I hadn’t started my garmin until about 0.25 miles into the run so I needn’t have done the extra bit at all!

As soon as I finished I did 5 minutes of stretching and then drank my protein shake. I had the banana For Goodness Shakes and it was really rather yummy! I’ve got an old tupperware shaker thing that has a whisk bit in the top so that you can shake things and mix them properly and it made a very creamy and frothy shake that I’d actually choose to drink. I’m not sure what I was expecting but after the grossness of gels it was a very welcome surprise!

I drove home, put a chicken in the oven to roast and immediately jumped into an ice bath (well a very cold one anyway). Mike thought it was funny to tell the kids to come and splash the bits of me that weren’t already underwater. Thanks darling!!!! Sam from club had told me in the week that she always has a hot drink whilst in the bath and that definitely made it more bearable but my legs and feet were a lovely shade of blue when I got out!

I woke this morning….

….feeling surprisingly okay. No aches at all. Hurray for the ice bath!

Today was the first race in our club championship for 2012. The Swanage Sea Rowing Fun run – 4 miles up and down the hills of Swanage. I wanted to do the race as every point counts but knew that after yesterday I was just about going to be able to plod around at the back.

The race wasn’t until 11am which meant a nice lie in until 7.45am, a rare treat on a Sunday! I got up, had a huge bowl of porridge, 2 coffees and an hour later an imodium! I didn’t like taking one on a second consecutive day but didn’t really have a lot of choice.

Grace came with me to Swanage as she likes to see her running club friends. We both wrapped up very warm as it was a freezing morning with thick fog. Registration was in the carpark rather than the football club which was a bit of an unwelcome surprise! What it did mean though was that it was so cold that I did a good 10 minute warm up instead of using the start of the race as one! I started right at the back with the intention of just trying to run a nice consistent race. I usually hate this race as the route is so boringly familiar but for some reason I really felt good today. My legs didn’t feel at all like they’d done 15 miles yesterday and that gave me a huge confidence boost. I was also really lucky that Zodwa was running near me and she’s great at keeping a steady pace so as I felt okay I thought I’d try and stick with her for as long as could. I didn’t expect to be able to hang on all the way round though especially as my cold meant that I didn’t know whether it was my nose running or sweat that I was wiping off my face. Nice! In the end though I ran what I would class as a perfect race for me……….

Obviously I’d love to be  faster but to run each mile slightly faster than the last and to finish strongly, especially after 15 miles the day before, gave me a fantastic confidence boost and I’ve been buzzing all day. It also helped that there was a lady in between Zodwa and I on the last mile and I was determined to catch and pass her. Always a good to have a target in your final push for the finish! Please note the photo of Tish and I being very diligent with our post race stretches (whilst having a natter of course!)

I am a bit achy tonight but only really what I would have expected to feel last night. I’ve had a nice long soak in the bath and a long session on the foam roller so hopefully will feel fine by the morning. I’m going to give my legs a rest tomorrow as I think they’ve earnt it this weekend and they’ve been very kind to me so I will return the favour!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that you aren’t getting snowed in as we speak!

I’ll leave you with a picture of our lovely club after the race; showing off all their prizes (thanks Mum for fab photography again!)



  1. Maria
    Jan 30, 2012

    Wow your legs are getting very strong it seems. I love that pic of your running club too- you have loads of members.
    As for the ice bath- well done! I used to make a hot drink to have as soon as I got out, but I never stayed in very long, although it did really help.

  2. Lorn Pearson
    Jan 30, 2012

    Well done on a good strong run on Sunday after your long one on Saturday. 🙂

  3. Sarah
    Jan 30, 2012

    Well done on the race and on the long run! Also well done on that cold bath. I’ve get to try one, mainly because I’m a big wuss, but for some reason my family all think that it would be a brilliant idea (… to watch and make fun of me!)

  4. paula
    Feb 06, 2012

    I always keep my clothes on in the ice bath – psychologically makes it easier.
    Well done Rose, it sounds like your training’s coming on nicely – and I really thought you could see you’d lost weight at the pub last Friday! Must be due to lack of alcohol – wish I could be that strong!!!
    Keep it up girlie – London will be here before you know it!! 🙂

  5. Errign
    Feb 09, 2012

    I think ice baths are the most magical thing! unfortunately now that I’m home again, there’s no bathtub, so this summer I’m going to go sit in the ice cold river 🙂

  6. MANDY
    Mar 07, 2012

    Hi Rose, Only 45 days to go and no training updates for a month. Hope all is well and going to plan.