HeartHello – I’m guilty of being a rotten blogger again! I have been very busy training and doing ‘life’ but I’ll do my best to give you a quick recap on bits of what’s been going on and a longer recap on the more interesting bits (you might need to put the kettle on as you know how I like to waffle!)

Firstly my lovely Mum had a heart attack. She is back at home now, with a freshly fitted stent and doing really really well but it was all a bit of a horrid scare and actually quite surreal, she did it all in a very non-dramatic fashion, got fixed with no dramatics and came home! She does have to go back in 6 weeks and may need more angioplasty but believe it or not, having someone stick life saving metal tubes into your heart is a pretty standard procedure these days! I’m going to ask her to do a guest blog about it all, especially how her heart attack presented as I think most people will be quite surprised……

Training – What have I been up to?

I’ve been being very good! I’ve only missed one of my planned training sessions and was a PT session that I decided to postpone as I was so shattered. I’m not normally very good at ‘listening’ to my body but that was one of the things that I was determined to do this time round. I kept off the alcohol until the 23rd too (this was my planned date for ‘having a few’!)

Monday 12th – Rest Day – Fasting. 6536 Steps.

Tuesday 13th – Short Recovery run (straight out of bed at 5.30am – not a pleasant run!), then in the evening I did CXXX – The Detonator which was a 35 minute explosive power HIIT session. It was tough! 11843 Steps

Wednesday 14th – A 4 mile club run in a mega storm! Pouring rain, gales and flying debris made this one of those ‘I’m so smug I did this’ type runs! 13383 Steps.

Thursday 15th – The unplanned rest day – it was very needed though. 11437 steps.

Friday 16th – CXXX – Thunderstrike – An hour long HIIT session, mixing up cardio with weighted moves.  8883 steps.

Saturday 17th – The Dirty Devil Stampede – THE. MOST. FUN. RUNNING that I’ve ever had – see next post for a full race report! 22531 steps.

Sunday 18th – 4.2 mile off road muddy sociable run with club. Lovely. 15694 steps.

Monday 19th – Rest day – phew. 7421 Steps.

Tuesday 20th – CXXX – The Chiseller – 50 minute session (including WU/CD) of HIIT focussing on shoulders, arms and abs). Struggled a bit with this as I didn’t do it until quite late in the evening after a very busy few days of trying to fit an awful lot in! 8635 steps.

Wednesday 21stA 4.7 mile club run – really enjoyed this session as I was actually able to run with some of my friends instead of trailing sadly behind everyone else! 14042 steps.

Thursday 22nd – CXXX – Legs, glutes and back strength. A 1hr 15min pure strength session focussed on sculpting and toning the lower body. I have to be very careful with anything that can upset my dodgy knees but I when I did the lunges this time I could feel that my knees were being much better supported by my muscles so it’s definitely worth persevering! 10001 steps.

Friday 23rd – Hectic! I finished work at 5pm, got changed, rushed back to Wareham for run training at Tri Club. This week we did a 3 lap warm up (0.18 miles per lap) and did 1 minute drills of a 10 drill circuit. All the drills are designed to improve running form, things like ankle turnovers, bounding, jumping side to side, jumping back and forward, running through a rope ladder, shuttle runs, double footed jumps over small hurdles (I find these almost impossible!), slalom running etc. This was followed up by an interval set where we did one lap off 2 mins (well that’s what the slower group that I’m in did!). My laps are normally about 1:24 – 1:28 but this week I was quite a lot faster – my laps ranged from 1:16 – 1:19. I was REALLY pleased with that as it’s a really good measure of my progress this year. We were supposed to do 10 laps but as I had to be showered, dressed up and back in Bournemouth for a meal with friends by 8pm I had to cut it down to 8, then do a couple to cool down (why do I always seem to get hotter on the cool down?) 15410 steps.

gym ballSaturday 24th – CXXX – Washboard Factory – Oh my goodness me – what a laugh. This was an hour long session mixing up cardio with stability moves on the gym ball to work on the whole body but particularly the core. I did have a bit of a hangover (was worth it!) and my ball was slightly too soft but I was absolutely RUBBISH at this! I kept falling off the ball and could hardly hold the plank position on the ball let alone do anything that involved moving from that position! This pictures shows what I SHOULD have looked like but certainly did not. Never mind, it was a good giggle, I did get a great workout, my hangover went and it gives me a good bench mark for improving on, I certainly couldn’t get a lot worse. 9560 steps.

Sunday 25th – My second race of the year. The Swanage 10km. I did this race last year in absolutely awful conditions and I was dreading it. I decided that I’d just give it my best and use it to work out if I’d improved at all since my last disastrous 10k race. Luckily for me, one of my speedier friends wasn’t really in a racing mood so she ran round with me and kept me going when I might have been tempted to go too slow! It resulted in my best 10k time for over 2 years! I’m still very slow compared to other people but at 1:04 it’s 4 minutes faster than my last 10k which was almost entirely flat whereas this one had a fair few hills. 21911 steps.

To Recap

I’m really pleased with these couple of weeks, the improved 10k time taken with the speedier intervals on Friday means that I’m really starting to think that I’m doing something right this year in doing the combination of the online PT sessions and the 4 sessions of running. As of last Friday I’d lost 10lb of flubbery bits and hopefully gained a bit of muscle. I’ve been walking every lunchtime at work (rather than sitting at my desk reading Facebook!) I’m feeling a lot stronger than I have for ages and the marathon is suddenly feeling a lot more achievable!


  1. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Jan 29, 2015

    Sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she is doing well now.
    Sounds like in a few short weeks you have really got into the groove of running and getting stronger too. That balance ball class looks very funny- I would be awful at that I think!