Thank you soooo much darling boy of mine! I’m not feeling too good today. Throat is very very sore and I don’t have a lot of voice (hurray all around me say!) and I am starting to develop a cough. I also seem to have lost the ability to think properly and am having particular problems thinking of the right words for things so please forgive me if this entire blog is written in gobbledegook!

I’ve been to the chemist and bought myself some garlic tablets (tried taking the real thing but am now hating the constant garlicky taste in my mouth!), some echinacea and some of the new menthol lemsips. Am also eating lots of vitamin c rich food as well as taking my normal berocca. I WILL NOT BE ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to see the lovely Anne-Marie Samuel at Body In Motion for a bit of a legs MOT. It was down to her handiwork that I even made the marathon start line last year so I thought this year I would go for the preventative approach rather than waiting until something hurt!

I had forgotten what fun a sports physio session is… OWWWWWWW OW OWWWWWWWW… last time around my ITB tightness caused the most pain in my sessions (and I have lovely sore bits there today) but this time she also had to work quite hard on my glutes. That was WAY more painful than the ITB stuff. My rear still isn’t talking to me today. However, like she pointed out, at least it means that this year my glutes are doing some of the work. Good news!

As I’d had the session with Anne-Marie I planned a shorter club run than normal, just 4 miles, but we did do a killer hill and then a not quite so killer hill a bit later! It was a good run and I think we managed not to scare any unsuspecting pedestrians this week although one chap was trying to get from his car to his house just at the wrong time and thought he was being accosted when one lady tried to let him through. Very funny.

Sports Nutrition

I’ve been reading ‘A total guide to Sports Nutrition’ by Anita Bean (my lovely mum bought it for me for Christmas) I’m only a couple of chapters in but I’m finding it very interesting. I’ve already decided that I must have start to have a carb/protein mix straight after my runs and although I know I could probably make my own I probably wouldn’t get round to it so I’ve ordered some For Goodness Shakes. I had read the blurb on these but I never know how much is hype and how much is true but now I’ve seen supporting evidence I’m most definitely sold. Hopefully if I start doing this then my recovery should be much faster after the really long runs. 

I’ve also been reading up on how much carbohydrate I should be having and at the moment I can’t work out how I can eat as much as they advise without gaining a whole heap of weight. However, there is a chapter later on about training and trying to lose weight so I won’t do anything radical until I’ve read that.

One of the biggest surprises so far is that Basmati rice has a much lower GI than Brown rice (or normal white but that bit didn’t surprise me).

I’m finding the book really interesting and I just wish I had more time so that I could get through it a bit faster. Shame there isn’t a ‘listening’ version then I could make good use of my long runs!

What is your favourite nugget of nutrition info? Do you have a ‘must have’ food for pre or post run fuelling?


  1. Maria
    Jan 26, 2012

    My fave post long run snack was a clif bar, and some kind of chocolate milk (“real” or soya, cold or warmed up), and then some lovely tomato spicy bean soup a bit later. Yum. It’s not really a nutritional nugget as such, but I read a lot of info about fizzy drinks and how they leach the minerals from your bones, and also how artificial sweeteners confuse your brain and you end up more hungry, and they made sense to me so I think I have cut them out.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Lorn Pearson
    Jan 27, 2012

    Hi Rose –

    After a long run, I like to have a milkshake (for goodness shakes, protien shake, mars bar, nesquick (!!), even MacDonalds(!!!!), and a bottle of full fat lucozade. I also like to eat something, like cashew nuts, an apple or banana, then get a meal in me (steak with a poached egg on top, with veg is a favourite).

    I was reading that you should get around 1g of carbs per kg of body weight, within the first 30-60 minutes after a run.

    A good book to recommend to you is the Runnersworld Complete Guide to Nutrition. I think it was about £9.99. Full of loads of useful information it is. 🙂 In fact the book suggests you eat OYSTERS to boost immunity…!!?? (for the zinc in them)

    Hope you feel better soon x


  3. Lexi
    Jan 29, 2012

    Aww – sports massage on the glutes is really painful but as you say, prevention is the best medicine!

  4. rose
    Jan 29, 2012

    Maria, where did you read that about the fizzy drinks? I don’t drink a lot of fizz now but I have been treating myself since I stopped the alcohol!
    Lorn, I have seen that one advertised in Runners World but I think I’ll finish this one first! Am about to report on how I felt today after my first go with the shake.
    Lexi – I reckon I could do with going back tomorrow!


  5. paula
    Feb 06, 2012

    Rose, like others, I also have a chocolate milkshake post long run. I just buy the ones from the supermarket – not specificaly for sports. I also have a peanut butter sarnie (if I haven’t already had one during my run!) or a handful of nuts (brazil, walnuts )

  6. Anne-Marie Samuel
    Mar 01, 2012

    Well done, Rose, on doing your prevention work over the season: strengthening exercises, alignment, foam roller and flexibility work. This background work is what most runners neglect. This is what makes a huge difference to your form, running times and injury prevention. How did your Friday run go?