New years resolutionsHappy New Year everyone!

Sorry that it’s a bit of a belated greeting and that I haven’t blogged since before Christmas but I really don’t know where the time has gone. I had a great family Christmas and I hope that you all enjoyed¬†the break too (if you were lucky enough to get one).

I’m ashamed to say that my good intentions for the Christmas break weren’t really followed up with positive actions ūüôĀ
Between my last run training on Friday 19th and the 2nd January I actually only ran twice a week and apart from a fair few walks with the family I didn’t do anything else. I also ate and drank too much so did gain some very unwelcome weight…….

Right enough of all those should and could haves, I didn’t so here is a line drawn under all that!


The plan!

I still haven’t finalised an actual marathon training plan, to be honest I’ve read so many now that I’m not sure what is right BUT what I have realised is that my general fitness is at a very poor level at the moment. Partly due to the weight I need to lose and partly because I’ve been only running (no specific cross training) pretty much for the past 6 months and I haven’t been doing that very well. Therefore I’ve decided that I shouldn’t worry about following a particular training plan. I need to spend the first 6 or so weeks of the year absolutely focussing on kick starting my weight loss and improving my overall fitness. Of course I am going to run during this time too but I’m not going to worry too much if my other workouts mean that the quality isn’t quite there in some of my running sessions.

To this end I’ve signed up with a 30 day online PT program from the lovely Julia Buckley (actually I don’t call her lovely whilst I’m working out!). ¬†It’s called ChallengeXXX and consists of a mixture of HIIT and body conditioning working with heavy weights. The programme itself is pretty intensive so I’m not trying to complete it in 30 days as I’m not doing any of the videos on running days (except if I use a short run as a warm up).

I’ve got a few reasons for doing this but the main ones are:

  1. I need to lose fat and HIIT and lifting heavy are very effective ways to do this
  2. I need to ensure that I’m all round fit, not just my legs
  3. I have a tendency to get injured and hopefully being generally more conditioned will mean better running form and carrying less weight will help too!
  4. Why online? I can fit this around my running and family commitments
  5. Why not a DVD? I have lots of exercise DVDs and I do really like them but this is an intensive and varied programme that I think will bring me much better all round results
  6. Why Julia? I bought her book ‘The Fat Burn Revolution‘ last year, read it, thought it sounded like a whole lot of sense and did no more about it except to sign up to her blog, facebook page and website. Therefore I heard about ChallengeXXX at exactly the time I was deciding on how to structure my marathon training. It’s also really reasonably priced – ¬£7 a week which isn’t a lot more than you pay for one exercise class and she’s giving us 5 a week! I also felt that if I was paying for the advice/training then I was much more likely to make sure I did it!

It’s going really well so far, today (Monday) is my rest day and boy do I need it! Every muscle on me aches.

What did I do last week?

Here is a round up of last week’s training. A good week I think. Along with this I’ve got my eating back under control. I’m trying to eat as cleanly as possible, I’m having at least one fast day a week (where I’ll fast until the evening when I’ll have a normal meal) and I’m sticking to a 1200 a day calorie allowance but with exercise calories there to eat if I need them. That’s actually pretty easy to do when you’re eating clean. Most of my calories are going on protein and I fill up with stacks of veg. The other reason that it’s proving okay to stick to is that I’ve cut the alcohol out (eek!) which means lots of lovely calories that aren’t wasted on booze any more! I’m not actually doing the dry January thang but between now and the marathon I am going to try and only drink on special occasion (or at least only occasionally). This means that I won’t be having a drink until January 23rd when I’ve got a ‘do’ to go to.

Monday –¬†Rest Day (a good start!)

Tuesday – CXXX –¬†Full body HIIT plus Cardio (just over an hr including WU/CD)

Wednesday –¬†Club run – Just under 4 miles

Thursday – CXXX –¬†Cardio plus Core HIIT (just over an hr including WU/CD)

Friday –¬†Run training at TriPurbeck. Another tough session! WU/15 mins circuits / 9 intervals off 2 minutes which meant not a lot of recovery time. I didn’t think I’d be able to complete it and a couple of my intervals were rather slower than the others but I got through! Phew!

Saturday Р2 mile run as a warm up for CXXX Upper Body Strength session Рouch Рthat is all

Sunday –¬†8 mile club run along the prom. We were really lucky as despite the terrible forecast it was actually a beautiful sunny morning. It was a tad windy but nothing like it was later in the day. We got to the Jazz Cafe just as it clouded over so we definitely got the best bit of the day. This was a pretty poor run for me. I struggled all the way as my legs just didn’t have anything left in them so I had to resort to a run/walk strategy. However, I knew that doing so much in one week was likely to take it’s toll and I just wanted to get the miles under my belt so I wasn’t too annoyed!

What’s the plan for this week?

I’m going to continue to ‘eat clean’ as much as possible. I’m going to fast on at least one day and train consistently. No alcohol (she says weeping silently inside……)

Monday –¬†Rest Day (and fasting)

Tuesday –¬†Short recovery run (am) and CXXX The Detonator (!) Full body ¬†HIIT Power and Cardio

Wednesday –¬†Club run – minimum 4 miles

Thursday РCXXX Full body power HIIT and lower body power

Friday – CXXX Arms, shoulders and core HIIT

Saturday –¬†Hmm, for some daft reason I’m doing a race called The Dirty Devil Stampede – this takes place on the tank tracks at Bovington and goes over the knife edges and through the sheep dips. There are 5, 10 and 15km options and for some daft reason we signed up for the 15km. Madness!

Sunday –¬†Social recovery run of around 4-5 miles

I think that should just about do it!


Here are a few pictures from the end of our run on Sunday – warming down and warming up in the cafe!

and stretch!
and stretch!




  1. Carol
    Jan 12, 2015

    its nice to have you back Rose, I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I think you have your training plan spot on – all round fitness and mixing up exercise will help your running & prevent injuries xx

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake
    Jan 13, 2015

    Happy new year!
    Your plan sounds very sensible indeed- good luck with it.