A brand new roserunner challenge – to run marathon distance or more 50 times by the time I’m 50 years young¬†

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Trying to keep warm during the race briefing!


Here is my weekly round up for last week – I started it on Sunday and fell asleep before I’d done much at all, I then did a bit more on Monday but once again couldn’t keep my eyes open so it’s got later and later and later!

Last week was quite a mixed week. I was fighting off a cold so not feeling 100% and my naughty knee was misbehaving so I was worrying about it holding up for the Larmer 20. It kept giving me gyp on the stairs and every time I turned over in bed so I was icing it at every opportunity and praying that it wasn’t about to give way on me.

Aeroplanes of course!
Aeroplanes of course!

When I did my Tuesday PT session I took the cardio very easy and avoided anything that put too much stress on my knee – this fitted in with feeling knackered though so wasn’t exactly an issue!

However, having said all that I was REALLY looking forward to doing the Larmer Tree 20. It was advertised in typical White Star Running fashion as a 20ish race, mostly off road and probably quite muddy! The photos that were appearing on their facebook page all week were certainly confirming the ‘mud’ forecast!

We were going en masse from Purbeck Runners with 5 people doing the full marathon, 12 doing the 20 and 2 only doing the half (we were being a bit mean about it – funny how a half can be an ‘only’!!)

Sharon and Cathy

I was hoping that a lazyish day on Saturday would mean that I was bright and breezy for Sunday but unfortunately I got very little sleep (almost definitely race nerves) so when the alarm went off at 6am I wasn’t sure at all why I’d thought that the race would be a good idea! However, a couple of cups of strong coffee and a granola bar later and my previous enthusiasm had returned and off I went!

Tish with me trying to keep up!

Despite much conflab on Facebook the previous evening I still hadn’t really decided what to wear to run – the only certainties were my favourite race pants and my club vest! I put on long trousers, a long sleeved top over my vest and took my capris and a light (used to be waterproof)¬†jacket in case I decided I needed them. I also couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. The shoes I use for off road (Ons!) are almost worn out and if there was more road than expected or hard trails then my knee wouldn’t thank me but if I wore road shoes then the mud would be even harder to get through…. decisions, decisions………..

Trudy & Sarah making mincemeat of their first marathon!

Within minutes of leaving home I was very pleased that I’d packed my jacket as it started raining – not what was forecast – grrrrr! I picked up the Tish, Jenny and Cathy in Wareham and we headed towards Tollard Royal. By the time we got there it had stopped raining but it really hadn’t warmed up at all and didn’t look likely to given the low level cloud and wind so I decided on the knackered off roaders and the jacket over the long sleeved top. I could always throw it at a friendly supporter en route if necessary!

Emma & Carol (in the middle) having a great race

We did the obligatory portaloo stops (not too horrid!) and got sorted ready for the race briefing and before I knew it we were off! We hadn’t even got a mile when one of the marathon runners decided to have a walk and a cigarette!!!!!! It was on a narrow section through the woods so we all had to have a bit too. Very odd.

We had kind of planned to run in a big group but it wasn’t long before we’d all got a bit split up and Tish and I slowed right down to see if the girls behind would catch up but it was just too cold to actually stop and we didn’t fancy our Sunday tactic of looping as 20 miles was going to be quite hard enough! Before long Tish had to go on ahead of me as she was getting cold at my pace and I knew I wouldn’t get all the way round if I even attempted to run at hers! Add to the that the fact that for some reason I was feeling rather sick and the faster I went the more sick I felt. Weirdly this persisted all race on and off and only subsided each time I had a strong blackcurrant squash. I might have to get some of those little pouches of Robinsons concentrate to take on the marathon as the squash definitely saved me this time out.

Chatting at the aid station (pork pie anyone?)
Chatting at the aid station (pork pie anyone?)

I hung back a bit more to see if the others would catch up but they’d had to slow down as a another friend had hurt her knee on a downhill section so was really having to nurse it along gently (not easy on the hills!). By this point it was raining quite hard so I decided to just get my head down and get on with it. There were plenty of other runners around and it was a very friendly race so I had plenty of people to chat to on the occasions that I had enough breath! Not only that, a few of us had to come to a sudden stop in one woody section when about 20 deer decided to cross right in front of us. A definite moment to remember!

At around the 8 or 9 mile mark my knee really started to hurt and I was worried about whether it would last the distance. I stopped a couple of times and stretched my hamstrings and quads and it eased off, then about a mile later I realised that it had stopped hurting altogether so it must definitely be related to something tight in the thigh department!

10649663_10152409882429649_5962096808708340693_nI can’t remember where the marathoners had split off from the 20 milers but when they joined us again it was a really good boost as they all powered by offering encouragement! It amazes me how easily these guys can run so fast, they make it look like so little effort compared to my labouring along – although having said that at one point one of them said well done to me and told me that I’d looked very graceful picking my way along the muddy track – I can’t remember ever being called graceful before, let alone whilst running! I could do with bottling a bit of the springiness that I got in my step after that and taking it with me to London for mile 21!

It was definitely a lot easier in the second half of the race, the longest hills were out of the way and there was some nice long downhill sections. The best of which ended at the infamous ‘Love Station’!


This is an aid station like no other…..it was manned by Kevin Day (in a skirt!) and friends (a Poole parkrun volunteer extraordinaire!) and I was greeted with a huge and very welcome hug, then offered my choice of; vodka, blackberry vodka, cider, bucks fizz (especially for Mothers Day innit!) or boring old squash, coke and water. That isn’t to mention the huge array of food on offer. If I didn’t have to be so careful of my dicky runners tum I reckon I’d have been able to gain about a stone on the way round this race! I very boringly plumped for just the blackcurrant squash and a cheese and onion crisp and set off for the final few miles.


I thoroughly enjoyed the last stretch. I was managing to keep up a fairly steady pace and even caught a few runners and passed them (they’d probably done the marathon!) which always gives you a good boost. It was on a muddy path but it wasn’t sloppy mud and was actually quite nice and bouncy to run on so made it a lot easier on tired legs. The final half a mile was up the drive back to where we’d started and I was determined to run the whole section but the uphill got me and I got slower and slower and eventually started to walk but then one of the people I’d passed caught me up and I wasn’t having that so got myself going again and started to sprint (my kind of sprint anyway!) for the finish…only to have one of the marathon guys pass me which spurred me on to go a bit faster…just not quite fast enough to stop him passing me but it did mean that I finished with a huge smile on my face and earned me one of my favourite ever running pictures!


Instead of goody bags, White Star running had promised hot food in the rather posh ‘India Rooms’ and they didn’t disappoint. I’m never hungry at the end of a race and given that I’d felt sick for most of this race I didn’t fancy anything this time either. But then I went down to where the food was to get my car key and saw how appetising it looked! There were 4 ‘stations’ each of which with a different food and all with salad and coleslaw to go with your choice. There was a pasta, pizza, soup, burgers (fat and home made), sausages and bacon. I plumped for a burger to save for after my recovery shake. It was absolutely delicious, I only managed about half of it but it was very very welcome.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the race, and so did everyone else that I spoke to, I’ll definitely be back next year and I’m thinking that I might do the Ox marathon in May too……depending on how my legs feel after London!

What did I do this week?

Monday – A very welcome rest day! I didn’t even get in my usual lunchtime walk as I had to have an emergency dentist visit for a tooth that’s been hurting for a while but gradually getting worse. A nice injection, some next to the nerve drilling and a filling later I was all sorted (but very sore!)

Tuesday – A beautiful day so I headed along the prom for my walk. It was beautiful, although I think the chap on the beach with his top off was probably pushing it a bit! Did CXXX – Thunderstrike! in the evening. A full body HIIT session with lower body power moves. Struggled a bit today, not sure if it was my head or my body that was tired but I did feel better afterwards!

Wednesday – Running club – felt like I was really struggling all the way round tonight. Definitely one of those ‘legs in treacle’ runs. However, when I got back I realised that we’d done a hillier run than last week and finished up with a slightly higher average pace so it couldn’t have been that bad a run!

Thursday – Lunchtime walk – not very far as so busy with work but it was good to get out. I was due to do a Arms, Shoulders and Core HIIT session tonight but I went upstairs to get ready and my onesie ambushed me! After struggling all week and with a lot of mileage to get through at the weekend I thought it was probably best to listen to my onesie and take the night off. I then sat on the sofa feeling really guilty so got Mike to pour me a glass of wine so that I couldn’t change my mind (d’ya see what I did there!!!???)

Friday – Felt much better for my extra day’s rest and ready to go again. Again, didn’t manage much of a walk as had a full on work day but headed straight to Tri club after work. I warned the coach that I was planning to go easy on the interval session as I didn’t want to save a bit in the tank for Sunday. We did a nice gentle warm up, 20 mins of running drills and then a half hour interval session where I kept at around 10k pace rather than pushing it too hard. Clocked up 3 miles in total.

Saturday – An extra planned rest day much to Elliot’s disgust as he was desperate to go to parkrun! I had intended to be really lazy but ended up doing loads of housework in the morning before meeting my lovely Mum and Dad for lunch in the village cafe. I had an absolutely delicious Lamb Tagine with couscous which definitely ticked all the boxes for carb loading – the only problem was that it was so filling that I didn’t really fancy anything at all in the evening! However, I knew I’d need the fuel on Sunday so made a lovely leftovers omelette.

Sunday – The Larmer Tree 20 as already reported!

I can’t be sure but because the leaves are different shapes I’m

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Another thing that impressed me was the way they respect

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India has not faced a single bioterrorism incident

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canada goose factory sale If you say that canada goose outlet in new york me acknowledging a possibility isn’t saying anything really, then fine. I can understand that point of view. But I can’t see how doing that is a spread of misinformation. I like being around when my kids get back from school, when they are most open to talking to me. With teenagers, I’ve found you have to canada goose outlet store be present in order to catch them at the precise moment when they are ready to open up. With my kids, they are usually eager to chat the moment they walk in the door after school. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Online While the Spotify functionality might remind you a bit of the Mighty another small, square Kickstarter device Pebble Core’s more exciting for what it might do in the future. Migicovsky said the device is entirely canada goose outlet online store review hackable, so developers will be able to invent new uses for its programmable buttons. For example, you could set the button to order a cab (or a pizza) to your current location.. Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance Never that simple, but how we play first downs and just dictating the pace early in the game will go a long way towards deciding the game, said defensive end Ja Davis. Game canada goose outlet paypal is won and lost up front. It was like that last week and it the same thing this week. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka Other items are available in paper crafts stores. These includes die cuts, which are pieces of paper already cut into canada goose jacket uk mens shapes and objects. There are also special scissors that cut paper with an interesting edge. So far, 18 people have been accused in the crime, including shooter Parashuram Waghmare, masterminds Amol Kale, Sujith Kumar alias canada goose discount uk Praveen and Amit Degwekar, the SIT officials have said. Some of them were suspected to be involved in the killing of rationalists MM Kalburgi, Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare as well. The book was also mentioned by investigators when Virendra Tawde was arrested in connection with the Dabholkar and Pansare cases in 2016. Canada Goose Parka

When condominiums are involved Those who are selling a condominium will need additional documentation to list their home for sale. The potential buyer(s) will need to see the current association documents, as well as know what the monthly fees are (if applicable) for the property. Restrictions in the association documents may sway a buyer to not pursue the property..

canadian goose jacket But with the advancement of computers these days with Internet connection, the Monroe County Criminal Records are now within reach. You only canada goose uk head office have to find the right online records resource which truly gives you the right service. This approach just asks you to pay for a nominal amount of fee in only a few clicks on your computer canadian goose jacket.

Having too many hard inquiries on your credit report at one

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Canada Goose Online Is just a new strategy for brands on college campuses, says Lakshmi Lingam, professor at School of Media and Cultural Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. What is missing in most cases is the involvement of the college administration. The college management must get to take a call on which brands can be associated with students. Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance sale The main speaker will be Dr. Devi Rajab and there will be a panel discussion thereafter. The function will be held at the Verulam Day and Frail Care Centre, 100 Todd Sreet, Verulam on Sunday, November 12 commencing at 2.30pm. “It was an excellent speech. It showed a great deal of gratitude by the Afghan people for the sacrifices of America,” said Sen. “It also laid a roadmap as to how Afghanistan is going to prosper canada goose factory outlet winnipeg and be secure, and gave a sense that this isn’t an open ended commitment. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Parka This was a shit show.3) Roberto/Semedo they both have their flaws but Roberto isn as solid defensively, and we do need it canada goose outlet in vancouver at times, the fact that he isn even getting a look in till Sergi is injured is just not cool, he could be a WC RB if he follows canada goose garson vest uk the right path.Our right side is so fucking leaky. Sergi and Pique shouldn be starting together they concede chances like crazy.Terrible game from Busi and Rakitic as well. No idea why Valverde didn sub out Rakitic when he got such an early yellow.On the bright side, Munir and Vidal were great subs. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose factory sale I been an avid (semi competative) road bike cyclist for the last ten years, but I dialed it down in the last six months. Now I generally have leisurely walk after dinner with my wife and bike on the weekends. Ironically, I feel healthier and less fatigued. canada goose factory sale

canada goose City would be walking the league right cheap canada goose sale now. For Arsenal, it was the losses against the top two.Explains a lot about the stat to be honest.Four points separate the top 6 in La Liga, and 14 points separate cheap canada goose jacket mens 1st and 18th. City ooth are already 15 canada goose black friday fake points clear of 10th placed Leicester City. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet The interior is all whites and pale canada goose uk sale black friday woods, with a chalkboard sign announcing the single origin beans of the day. The shelves behind the counter resemble a chemistry lab. There are beakers of various shapes and sizes for making drinks. When you apply for a new line of credit, whether it’s for a credit card or an auto loan, the credit issuer will run a hard inquiry on your credit report. Having too many hard inquiries on your credit report at one time can lead to a decline in your score, and can also severely affect it if you apply for multiple lines of credit in a short time frame. It’s best to only apply for credit when you need it.. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose online To start with, Impressa C5 coffee machine is costly; there can be no two opinions about this. But then, you do not expect a divine cup of coffee with cheap under hundred USD coffee machines, do you? Jura C5 is priced at $999 but it is also one canada goose outlet mall hell of a machine that has been designed to last a life time. It has a powerful 1450 watt motor that creates a pressure of 15 bar to make special coffee to please even the hardest of taskmaster. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance Later, I understood that having spent a large part of my life as a loser, I did not come across on screen as an obvious winner in the way that, say, Peter O’Toole or Charles Bronson did. I didn’t mind: I decided that having been a loser added an interesting dimension to my personality, and decided to make it part of my appeal. I have often played losers in pictures, and you get paid just as much as you do when you’re playing a winner.. canada goose clearance

One year later, after being continuously lectured that the incredibleness of the 2011 NBA season should have clearly explained to me why canada goose jacket outlet baseball is so comparatively dull, I decided to try again. I sat Jon down with me on the last day of the 2011 regular season and convinced him to watch some baseball for a couple of hours, as so much was on the line for so many teams. After an extra inning duel visit the website between the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves, a bullpen collapse from the Boston Red Sox, and a miraculous comeback from the Tampa Bay Rays, the baseball spoke canada goose outlet in usa for itself.

canada goose coats on sale She loves them and keeps them close, she never goes out without at lest one of them. From the hat on her head, earring’s on her ears, sunglasses on her face, scarf around her neck, ring on her finger, belt around her wast, to the stilettos on she feet, women love accessories. We watch shows about accessories and accessorizing. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale If you are in a long distance relationship, well then it is needless to say that coming down to meet your beloved is one way to make your partner feel most special https://www.canadagoosejacketsforcheap.com and nice. Doing this as a surprise is even better as you get to see the love and surprise and shock and amazement in their eyes on seeing you. All the trouble is worth that one glitter in their eyes on seeing you aren’t it? valentine’s day quotes and sayings are the best way to express your true affection and adulation Canada Goose sale.

7 Weeks to go! My star boy and a lovely Sunday social run……

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VMLM 2015Only 7 weeks to go until the ‘BIG’ day. Virgin Money London Marathon 2015. It suddenly seems really close and I am not ready but then I think about how much progress I’ve made in the last 7 weeks and I panic a bit less. I think that my hopes of going for sub 5 might still be a bit ambitious but I’ll keep aiming for that and see what happens.

In 2015 in the European Union

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canada goose factory outlet advanced electrolysis and its different uses canada goose factory outlet

goose outlet canada Fourth hypothesis: it’s about free media. We tend to care about the news we hear about most loudly. And poor canada goose outlet uk governance is rarely breaking news; in fact, the deterioration in public accountability is usually a slow, imperceptible, folkloric decline. goose outlet canada

Melo younger with way less milage. I know we can get him there, the question is like you said, will he buy into it.Besides I not canada goose outlet online uk sure if you watched us. We fucking suck. canada goose outlet london The sister, my aunt, was a total mess. The whole family was completely screwed up. Eventually my mother reconciled with her dad about 2 years canada goose outlet uk sale before he died.

A Juicy Lucy is two burgers with cheese melted in the middle. It’s delicious and it’s like lava: It will burn you. I remember because I was gonna have one later on that day. CBI’s Alok Verma canada goose outlet mall meets CVC, refutes corruption charges Central Bureau of Investigation director Alok Verma on Thursday met Central Vigilance Commissioner K V Chowdary and denied corruption charges levelled against him by his deputy and canada goose outlet winnipeg address special director in the probe agency Rakesh canada goose outlet phone number Asthana, officials said. Verma came to the CVC office in the late afternoon and stayed there for about two hours, they said. He met Chowdary and Vigilance Commissioner Sharad Kumar, the officials said, without giving any other details.

canada goose outlet black friday Obtaining the proper permits throughout the project will drastically limit the number of issues that come up during a home inspection. After all, if you have the proper permits, you will have had to pass several inspections from the town building inspector. The eventual home inspector will have a record of all the permits pulled and the resulting inspections. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet online Disagree? Do you really think the sticky resin that you see accumulating in the pipe, bong or on the roach that is left after you have smoked a joint, doesn’t also enter and accumulate in your lungs when you smoke marijuana? Don’t kid yourself, it does! Pot smoke contains many carcinogens, just like cigarette smoke. canada goose outlet washington dc Over time, your lungs can get saturated with tar and other harmful pollutants that can affect your ability to breath. Like cigarette smoke, these pollutants can cause emphysema and cancer.. canada goose outlet online

canada goose outlet uk His wartime exploits won him the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery. He was shot down on Sept. 2, 1944, while completing a bombing run against a Japanese radio tower. Individuals delude themselves into thinking that https://www.canadagoosessale.org prostitution is a legitimate and a progressive solution to sex deprivation or disappointment. Most people who engage in for sex conceal this from their husband, wife, or partner. This is a sign that the cheater knows that if his or her partner finds out about the dalliance with a prostitute, he or she will be devastated.. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose black friday sale In the past I had better luck slightly neglecting my phals, (I know, I know). FWIW my other two are doing great and just finished blooming. They have lots of shiny green leaves. I believe US Counterintelligence is hampered by a lack of personnel resources. And the reason for that is simple. The USG puts too much value on a college degree in a nation where few people have them and they provide little value in actuality. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose outlet store uk Bord Bia recently produced figures which show the organic retail food market in Ireland is official canada goose outlet now worth over 162 million annually. This is an increase of 50pc in the past three years. In 2015 in the European Union, the market for organic food was worth 30 billion, after doubling in size over the last 10 canada goose vest outlet years.. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet store “When you die, you are extinguished. From being you will be transformed to non being. ‘Cause I gotta tell you the truth, folks. Bernie has shown none of those abilities, and many of his tribe show such a rigorous adherence to ideological purity as to make effective compromise impossible.If I was emperor, America might look a lot like if Bernie was, but America thankfully doesn have emperors. I want a President (and Congresspeople and Governors) who recognizes that incremental progress is progress, that the perfect must not be the enemy of the good, that the arc of the moral universe, though it may bend toward Justice, is often a long one. 40% of Americans are deeply conservative and they not going anywhere any time soon. canada goose outlet store

canada goose outlet toronto factory Unfortunately he doesn’t see the same honesty at senior level. Not once has he seen a player put honesty ahead of his own team’s interests. “Winning is so important, obviously. That brings usback to that 2014 scrimmage against UM. With Babcock in attendance, it was the perfect foreshadow for Matthews’ future. He scored a goal, had four shots and was the best player canada goose stockists uk on the ice, according to Granato. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada goose outlet in usa This ended predictably badly, with Jade locking Marty in a store room and him having an asthma attack and discovering his inhaler was empty. Jade found him just in time, though if Rufus had been a bit slower about inviting her to a gig the outcome might have been different. Then they discovered Rufus’s band was called ‘Homofolkia,’ which canada goose outlet edmonton answered the is he/isn’t he question, and put both of them right off because folk music is not exactly rock n roll.. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose jacket outlet Death Rate: This stat influences how likely a servant is to be instantly killed look at this site certain abilities, like the Hassan Noble Phantasms. For all intents and purposes this stat is only important when facing enemies that can instantly kill servants, as it is incredibly unlikely that a player servant will ever instantly kill an enemy or Boss. (Their Death Rates are intentionally astronomically low for obvious reasons.) Instant Kill is however useful when used for farming or clearing trash mobs canada goose jacket outlet.